Web Proxy - A web proxy acts as a channel between Two systems, most likely your computer and a web server. When you enter the url in the web proxy, it fetches the pages for you and shows. So you never get directly connected to the Actual server but still able to browse the page.

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List of Free Web Proxies


Unblock Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, Bebo, Hi5, Friendster and many other Social networks through hundreds of proxies listed here. Check User submitted MySpace Proxies, Youtube Proxies,FaceBook Proxies,Bebo Proxies and Orkut Proxies

We have also put Proxy FAQ, to answer most of the common Proxy Related Questions.

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Types of Proxies - There are many types of web based proxies available, most popular of them are CGI Proxy, PHP Proxy, Zelune Proxy, Surrogafier Proxy etc.

HTTP and HTTPS Proxies - HTTPS proxies uses SSL certificate.

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