How to use Social Media to promote your website

If you are a webmaster selling some product (or even building sites just to get more traffic) and are on shoe string budget (read as zero), social media can be amazing medium to spread the word about it as it can help to build a brand as well as loyalty. Now social media presence doesn’t mean having a dead facebook page or inactive twitter account but you do want to get involved. Share interesting and helpful content keeping your audience in mind, don’t over do it and keep the prompt communication.

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Start Programs and Applications at the start of Windows Vista

I know Windows Vista is a very old operating system and Microsoft is launching WIndows 8 very soon still I thought to put this small trick which bothers lot of Windows Vista users.

If you have yahoo messenger or skype or any application, sometimes changing their settings and asking them to start at startup don’t work (on yahoo messenger it is under preferences and on skype it is under options). in that case, do the following

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gtalk not working on Blackberry

If you are trying to use gtalk on your blackberry device and are unable to login then here is a small trick to make the gtalk work on any blackberry mobile.

Go to and fill the captcha. You can open the url in your blackberry device or from desktop browser too (make sure you are logged in with same user account).

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How to Unlock GTalk Account

Many times Google locks your Gmail account (with GTalk Account). The reasons for locking can be -
1. Suspicious Account activity
2. Due to server problem

To Unlock your GTalk Account

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Youtube Deleting Videos in mass numbers ?

Is it me or others also noticing this thing that youtube is deleting way too many videos currently ? In my recommended videos list, at any moment, I am seeing 2 out of 8 videos to be deleted. It seems youtube is on mass video deletion spree.

The surprising thing is, it seems the youtube recommendation process and the suggestion process are out of sync as

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Vuvuzela on Youtube

I am 2 days late to blog about this but still will do it as it is worth doing it :) if you are watching soccer/football, you must have “heard” Vuvuzela which is a constant Bbbbzzzzzz sound made by blowing plastic horns. And this they are currently, IN, youtube gave a nice tribute to it by adding a small soccer button on the menu. Just click on it and you will start hearing the dreaded Vuvuzela music.

Photobucket Redirecting to its Mobile site

Just noticed this thing that photobucket is broke and is redirecting to its mobile site even when you browse it from your PC browser.It seems photobucket coders have messed things in reading browser headers and are detecting computer browsers as mobile browsers.

Edit - I just realized that this is only happen when you use firefox browser, photobucket is working in other browsers.

Download Pictures from and Bharatmatrimony

This tip is for people who browse Indian matrimonial websites and and want to download pictures of prospective members for personal references (like showing it to parents/siblings etc).

Both the sites have disabled right click so you can download any profile image which makes total sense but still if you need the image, here are 2 simple ways to get the pictures.

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Do not buy Orange, AT&T Blackberry in India

There are lot of sellers in India who are selling blackberries bought from Orange (UK and europe) and AT&T (from USA) through various sites in India, here is a little warning, if you are looking to spend 25-30k, always go with the authenticated blackberries as trying to save 2-3k can later cost you a fortune.

What happens is, there are lot of businessmen in Delhi, Mumbai, Indore who import blackberry phones from europe say countries like poland as the cost of blackberry is about 30% less there, similarly from USA and then these people sell the mobiles in India for healthy margin. You can see Orange and AT&T mark on the phones as in India, only vodafone and airtel are selling blackberries (now realiance too has joined it)

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Bold 9000 vs Bold 9700 - Difference

I owns a blackberry bold 9000 which I purchased last year, at the time it was the best blackberry model available for CDMA data push platform (Blackberry tour is different and doesn’t compete with bold 9000) and this year, blackberry has launched bold 9700, the next generation of Bold.

So here is a comparison of Bold 9000 vs Bold 9700 features and what will you get blackberry bold 9700 if you upgrade your phone

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