Compare antivirus software because you really need it

If have just purchased a new desktop or laptop or are planning to, you need to think about your antivirus package. Today, it is not uncommon to receive some antivirus software as a bundle with your laptop purchase, but these packages are not always very good (although better than nothing). This is why it may be a good idea for you to compare antivirus software before you buy a new machine. After all, you may be able to negotiate that particular package instead.

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3 best ways to connect together multiple offices

In this age of international business opportunities abound everywhere. As new countries and regions change their trading laws, new markets are born and the tantalising prospect of businesses moving in becomes ever greater. That’s when managing multiple offices, perhaps all around the world but also perhaps in a local market, becomes something of a tricky prospect. How do you manage to get all these offices marching to the same drum? To make sure they keep up to date with the latest changes in your business and ensure that they each branch runs effectively?

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3 top photo sharing apps for iPhone

Photo sharing is something that people of all age groups love; these include young people who spend hours in search of suitable academic courses, individuals who are busy with their profession and elderly people who are enjoying leisure after retirement. The discussion on this page will fascinate all these people as this page is about apps that allow private and secure photo sharing through iPhones.

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Technology, online security and SSL

Technology is a huge part of today’s world and it’s something customers expect a business to be up to date with. If you are not in touch with modern standards, your entire business can appear old-fashioned. For the best success and an updated image, here are a few areas you should apply a greater focus to:

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Fuji Xerox multifunction device offers a more innovative approach to digital printing

Fighting crime, putting up access controls in sensitive areas as well as border control as three of the most important uses of facial recognition but over the years this biometric technology has been utilized to create the most outstanding innovations in different industries. Today, this technology takes on a whole new role in the printing industry and the new innovation which has been produced by a trademark of Fuji Xerox known as Smart WelcomeEyes Advance. Printers are no longer your ordinary multifunction device as they can determine whether you are a preregistered user or not. Access controls as well as human movement perception is combined together in this technology, making it one cool product that many people would surely be interested in.

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Four reasons the Cloud can turn your business around

In today’s business environment, technology often has the power to give companies an edge on their competitors. By streamlining services and opening new doors when it comes to what’s possible in the office, cutting-edge tech offers businesses a significant helping hand.

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A $30 device can transform smartphone cameras in to holographic projectors

The previous attempt to insert a smartphone with a built in pico projector happened to come from Samsung’s side, when the company had announced the Samsung’s Galaxy Beam. Unfortunately, the device never ended up getting the popularity that the company hoped it would get, resulting in the demise of the pico projector.

The next iteration of the pico projector will be a smaller and improved version thanks to the efforts of Ostendo. Even though this projector is rather small, it is still capable of projecting images with a down right impressive 48-inch diagonal.

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Wireless charging now a reality

Wireless charging has amazed the world when it was first introduced because what was once a fantasy has become a reality. However, Intel and Alliance for Wireless Power will go the extra mile in the wireless charging capabilities.

Initially, Rezence, the wireless charging technology developed by A4WP, could charge devices with watts from 3.5 to 16 which is suitable only for small electronic devices like electronic toothbrushes, watches and smartphones. This time, it would increase the charging power capabilities to up to 50 watts.

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How to use Social Media to promote your website

If you are a webmaster selling some product (or even building sites just to get more traffic) and are on shoe string budget (read as zero), social media can be amazing medium to spread the word about it as it can help to build a brand as well as loyalty. Now social media presence doesn’t mean having a dead facebook page or inactive twitter account but you do want to get involved. Share interesting and helpful content keeping your audience in mind, don’t over do it and keep the prompt communication.

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Start Programs and Applications at the start of Windows Vista

I know Windows Vista is a very old operating system and Microsoft is launching WIndows 8 very soon still I thought to put this small trick which bothers lot of Windows Vista users.

If you have yahoo messenger or skype or any application, sometimes changing their settings and asking them to start at startup don’t work (on yahoo messenger it is under preferences and on skype it is under options). in that case, do the following

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