Adsense Account Banned

I have covered Adsense Account disabling in last post, not getting adsense account banned and disable may look same but they are not. I have seen people’s adsense account disabled temporarily and have been activated again once the person contacted adsense support with his side of view or with clarification where as once your account get banned, it will be permanent and no matter how many mails you send them.

Here are the Reasons why your adsense account will get banned

1. Clicking on your own ads - If you are clicking on your own ads, asking your readers to click on the ads or using automated scripts and programs using proxies to click on your ads, you will surely get banned. Lot of people think they can get it away but they can’t as trying to beat google in their game is not a very smart idea, not to mention this is not a long term solution and you are basically stealing money from advertisers.

2. If you have too many ads and very little content, you may have very high CTR which often triggers google filters which result in manual review of your sites and this may cause your adsense account getting banned.

3. Violating adsense polices - if you are violating google adsense policies like hiding ads, showing ads on pages where you should not, your website having pirated content then too it will get banned, the sites as well as your account.

What to do if your adsense account get banned ?

You may like to read this article to get into adsense again. As a person you can again enter into adsense but your sites which got banned can’t so for those sites, you may want to use these alternatives to google adsense.

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  1. 1Blogging on Jul 5, 2009 :

    Ya there is difference between banned and disabled

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