API for Google Analytics Launched

Google has Finally launched an API for Google Analytics which should be welcomed by developers as this can open gates to tons of applications on various platforms and services. The announcement was made yesterday and google seems to very upbeat about it.

Here are some of the pointers of what the API is offering and what is the purpose of it -

1. Google certainly seems to open up its crucial data of analytics to others and though right now it is only in read only format, still third parties should be able to access and get lot of info from analytics and more importantly can build their own custom applications which suits their needs.

2. The Google Analytics API is very much like Google Finance or Google calendar API so for developers who have worked on other Google API, they should not find it very difficult to start with.

3. Google is also ready offering libraries for various platforms so the developers don’t have to start from scratch, I can see lot of code already available on Google Code along with documentation as well some real life examples usage of Google Analytics API.

I can easily see this getting really huge, for both developers as well as for marketers as now they can get custom applications built using Google Analytics API and funnel all the info which they need. Since Microsoft also has its analytics tools, I won’t be surprised if they also offer similar API service.

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