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Internet is full with file sharing websites due to simple business model, put a site, put ads and make money but there are very few file sharing websites which can be called best. The reason being, most of the file sharing site owners do not realizes that putting ads will not earn too much revenue in long run as the users gets adblind, so the revenue gets drop after some time, Now once they see revenue drop, they put more ads reducing the quality of service even more, which make the users turn away from the site.

But there are few websites which stand apart and are very popular (with some annoying things ofcourse), so here is the list of Best file sharing websites.


Rapidshare consists of a simple user interface for uploading files. Files are subjected to the maximum size of 200 MB per file. This is to make sure that there is no unnecessary bandwidth consumption by the users. Multiple and split archive uploads are allowed as well.


Filefactory allows 300 MB maximum file size per file and 25 file uploads at once. When compared to many other file sharing sites, this offer is quite significant. Once you posses a premium account, you will be allowed super fast downloads up to 12 GB per day.


GigaSize is somewhere in between Rapidshare and Filefactory offering 300 MB per file size and 10 files maximum. For free account, 600 MB per file, 45 day file store expiration, and moderate downloading speed is offered. When it comes to premium accounts, there are no download limits and users get faster download speeds.


Free users are allowed 100 MB of maximum file size for uploads and can store the files up to 90 days. The user interface looks simple and easy-to-use.


MegaShare looks mega in a few aspects. When it comes to files sizes, free users are allowed 50 MB and the premium users are allowed 100 MB. Compared to many other file sharing sites, this looks quite cheap. But their upload and download limits look mega and that’s simply because they are unlimited!


MegaUpload offers the users an amazing 1GB per file maximum limit. You do not have to split the movie files before sending it to a friend, anymore! If you have only a free account, you can send the file to one recipient and to many if the account is premium. In addition to that, there are so many additional features available for premium users as well.


When it comes to the look and feel of this site, it is one of the primitive looking Internet file sharing sites available today. Free users can upload files up to 300 MB per file and unlimited uploads. In addition to that, free users are allowed unlimited downloads per file making it more user friendly.

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  1. 1Matt on Dec 21, 2010 :

    File is pretty good, allows you to upload files up to 2.4GB in size and 244GB with a ferretPRO account! Quick upload and downloads too.

  2. 2tan87 on Jan 25, 2011 :

    Frankly, this list should not be considered as the best online file sharing services. I have listed my own choice of the top 6 file sharing services as of year 2011. You can check out my review at

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