Chrome Vs Safari

In the previous post, we had compared Chrome vs Opera to find which is a better browser. In this post, we will compare Google Chrome with Safari to find which is a better browser.

The latest addition to the world of web browsers made a huge hype among the Internet users. Chrome was welcome by almost all Internet users and it came out with a high profile as it is a product of Google. Since then, there have been many comparisons between web browsers and this article is going to be one of them. Let’s compare Google Chrome versus Apple Safari.

Usability - Chrome vs Safari
Safari is a fully featured web browser which offers many features in a user friendly manner. Safari almost resembles the layout of any common web browser making it easy to use. Chrome has redefined some of the standard features such as tabs, so a new user will have to go through a little learning curve.

Tabs - Chrome vs Safari
Safari uses the standard tab system where you have many tabs in the browser frame under a common menu bar. Chrome offers separate menus for each tab making each tab a separate web browser window. Unlike Safari, Chrome users can drag tabs and formulate separate web browser windows.

Memory Utilization - Chrome vs Safari
The tests that have been conducted so far reveal that Chrome is much efficient in memory utilization. Each tab of Chrome is a separate process in the operating system with advanced memory management.

Launch Speed - Chrome vs Safari
Chrome has the best record for the speed compared to all main-stream web browsers. Google has build Chrome to be light weight and this makes Chrome faster than any other main-stream browser.

Plug-ins - Chrome vs Safari
Safari has a rich collection of plug-ins for various purposes. Chrome still supports a limited number of plug-ins and many of them come from Google itself.

Performance - Chrome vs Safari
When it comes to resource intensive tasks such as graphics rendering and executing complex JavaScript code, we see that both browsers behave relatively the same. This is when Safari runs on OSX, not on Windows.

Security - Chrome vs Safari
Safari inherits the rock solid security model from the platform (UNIX) and has a few vulnerabilities reported so far. Chrome is built with advanced security in mind and it has its own sand-box for checking for potential dangers in web content. As far as the security aspect is concerned we can safely conclude that both browsers stand at the same level at present.

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16 Responses to “Chrome Vs Safari”

  1. 1Mario Fernandez on Feb 17, 2009 :

    I say that Google Chrome is excellent for speed, performance, and security. I was very impressed with Google Chrome and enjoy using it, however I just had to switch to Apple Safari. Both are based on Webkit and I believe that Webkit is the best rendering engine for any web browser. Apple does have it’s reputation for the iPhone being still the most popular and unmatched mobile device. Apple Safari, even though Firefox took control, has been gaining more market share then ever and Google Chrome as well.
    My point is, Apple Safari should be the king of all web browsers when it comes to ease of use, performance, and speed. Google Chrome definitely takes over speed, however when it comes to their UI and structure of their web browser, Safari takes the lead.
    You may read my blog post here about my opinion with Google Chrome and Apple Safari:

  2. 2robbie on Apr 12, 2010 :

    As a mac user, chrome is completely useless on it.

    As far as security, “inheriting the security features inherent to the os” makes chrome much less secure than Safari.

    In Re Speed - you need to retest with safari 4 on mac os 10.6, which is by far the most efficient and fastest web browser available for any comparable hardware.

  3. 3Gus G. on May 21, 2010 :

    No, no. You guys are completely ignorant. Who cares really! They are both very good. I prefer Chrome, and it is not useless like the guy above states. Its more like he’s useless. Anyhow; use google Chrome and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I have used safari for a very long time, and just not to long ago I switched to Chrome because safari had too many bugs. But who cares really, they are just web browsers!!!! Google is just simply awesome ….

  4. 4Matt on May 23, 2010 :

    Hey Gus, Is it asking too much to give YOUR OPINION without insulting people? You sound ignorant

  5. 5Someone on Jun 19, 2010 :


    But if you have yet to test chrome, how can you say that safari 4 is faster?
    And also, saying that “inheriting the security features inherent to the os” is giving safari a plus is actually the same as saying that safari is better than chrome because MacOS is better than Windows, a very biased argument not based on any real research. You need to at least cite the source to be considered serious when using such a useless argument. As for mine, This makes your statement useless, but does it make chrome better than safari? It doesn’t, because OS does not really matter when it comes to browsers. In any case, there’s no need to argue with comments, as the most of them are just opinions, not facts, and (sorry, but this is reality) opinions that aren’t supported by at least some kind of evidence are total trash.

  6. 6harshil on Aug 5, 2010 :

    i tried safari for a while.. but there’s no way i can forget how chrome does wonders for me.. i mean its best in hadling almost everything… the bookmarks.. the history.. the layout.. the ui..
    the highly recommended for windows users..

  7. 7Poodz on Nov 6, 2010 :

    Umm, my only beef with this is the apparent small support of plug-ins for chrome “many of which” are made by Google? The Extensions gallery is at almost 10,000. Need I say more? Any other browser has “plug-ins” which are ok I guess, but I’m basically locked into Chrome now. I couldn’t use another browser if I wanted to. Which I don’t. Chrome is epic.

  8. 8Jim on Dec 21, 2010 :

    I don’t know about Safari for Windows, but the statement: “Unlike Safari, Chrome users can drag tabs and formulate separate web browser windows.” is simply not true if you are using the Mac version.

    That functionality has been present since at least 2004. (Which is when I first started using Safari. (version 2))

  9. 9kLeiNE on Jan 20, 2011 :

    Can’t move the back/forward/reload button in chrome was the only reason for me to switch back to safari.

  10. 10Sorry, but Chrome is King on Feb 2, 2011 :

    The comparison/review above as well as some of the comments are completely bizarre…
    If you use more than one OS every day, Chrome is the only browser, which runs fast on all platforms. For example, on my mac, I run chrome in mac osx and in windows. At work I run chrome in ubuntu. The same great speed. If I could run Safari in Windows and in Linux and it would be as fast, of course I would have used the “native” mac program on all platforms. By not offering a fast safari for linux apple loses a lot of advanced users.

  11. 11nick landis on Feb 8, 2011 :

    I’m a Safari man myself. I don’t like how Chrome has that black bar that comes up when ever you scroll over a link. Also I don’t like the Download menu. But what Sealed the deal for me, I could not find my bookmarks with chrome, but with safari they are all right there under the URL bar.

  12. 12Wow... on Feb 13, 2011 :

    This article and its comments are full of grammar mistakes. Try reading them out loud, seriously! (I’m just saying!) By the way, I use Chrome for 1 reason: It syncs your bookmarks to all of your computers. Now, if Safari did this (or, more preferably, if Safari could sync my Google Account’s bookmarks, so I could still use Chrome on my Windows and Linux), than I would say, “Safari all the way! (At least on a Mac!)”

  13. 13Alirod on Apr 1, 2011 :

    I am stuck between Chrome and Safari. I have both of them installed on my Mac right now. I think Chrome is much better on Windows. But Safari preforms better on a mac.

  14. 14Random on Apr 28, 2011 :

    Ok well, I use macs at school, when it comes to those browsers on there, Safari opens much faster than Firefox. So I like Safari for MACS. I think Google Chrome is better for PCS. Firefox got slow, (or was never fast as we thought), but developers and web designers would prefer Firefox. Something about HTML, I forgot.

  15. 15Mike on Jun 9, 2011 :

    A version number for both would be nice.

  16. 16C. on Jun 16, 2011 :

    I use chrome on a mac. It loads pages much faster for me. If you were looking for the bookmarks bar, you do know that you can just select “Always show bookmarks bar” on the view menu, right?

    I’ve never encountered problems with Chrome, on a Mac or on Windows.

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