Condom Sizes

Condom Sizes

Condoms are available in the market in various shapes and sizes. Most of the condoms come with reservoir or plain tips. Condoms may be flared (wider over the head of the penis), form fit (indented below the head of the penis) or regular shaped (with straight sides),
Apart from being colored, the condoms also come textured. Ribbed condoms are textured with ribs or bumps, which can increase sensation for both partners.
We can find condoms in varying widths and heights and there can be no definite standard length for condoms. But it has been generally noticed that the condoms produced using natural rubber tend to stretch according to the penis size.

Similarly, the width of the condom may also vary. As is a common fact, the size of the male organ varies, and accordingly, the manufacturers have to produce condoms in varying sizes.
Choosing the right size.

A lot of males are apprehensive about the right size of the condoms. It is very important to choose the accurate size as it not only maximizes the sexual pleasure but also acts as a protection method. Condoms come in a variety of sizes. The average condom is 7.5 inches long, 2 inches wide at the shaft and a little more than 2 inches wide at the head.

The important factor to be considered while buying a condom is not its length but its width. The length of the condom is not a major concern as there is less risk of its breaking owing to its stretchable attribute. The average size recommended for men with penis of average length is 7.5 inches, whereas for men with a bigger penis, 8 inches is most recommended.
Use the condom size chart below to determine which of the variety of condom sizes you need.
Narrow condoms: 1.75 inches wide.
Average condoms: 2 inches wide.
Large condoms: More than 2 inches wide.
Extra large condoms: More than 2.5 inches wide at the head and more than 2 inches wide at the shaft.

Tips & Suggestions
1. Make sure that the condom is neither too small nor too big, as a small condom may be uncomfortable and a bigger condom may slip off.

2. Use condoms which are stretchable, as this ensures close fitting of the condom and hence less chances of breaking.

3. Use a condom with a smaller body and wider head, as it reduces the possibility of condom slippage. Average sized condoms have a tendency to slip off during intercourse. In this case, buy narrower condoms.

The table below may help you choose the right condom:
Condom Size Chart
Brand Style Length (mm) Width (max/min in mm)
Durex Close Fit 178 49
Sensation 178 52
Ribbed 178 53
Pleasuremax 195 66/54
Elite, Extra Safe, Featherlite, Performa, Select Flavors, Tingle 205 63/52
Avanti Ultima 205 63/52
Comfort XL 251 63/54

Lifestyles Straight, Flared/Baggy, Studded, Ribbed, Flared 150-200 52
Contoured 160-200 49
Extra Large 195-200 56


Kimono MicroThin (Ultra Lubricated/Ultra Thin), Thin, Textured 190 52
MicroThin Large, MAXX 195 59.5/52

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