Convert Millimeters to Inches

Convert Millimeters (mm) to Inches
It is very easy to convert millimeters to inches using simple and quick calculations. Conversions do not include any lengthy multiplications or divisions. You can either use a calculator or do the calculations manually with pen and paper.

Millimeter is the unit of length. Symbol of millimeter is mm. SI base unit of length is Meter and millimeter is 1×10-3m or it is the thousandth part of meter. Or in other words 1 meter has 100 centimeters and 1 centimeter has 10 millimeters. So 1 meter has 1000 millimeters. You can clearly identify the length of a millimeter on a metric ruler. Metric ruler is usually divided into centimeters and millimeters. Millimeter is one tenth of centimeter. The long lines on metric ruler indicate centimeters and small lines indicate millimeters. For example, if you want to measure 26 millimeters, count small 6 lines after 2 centimeters.

Inch is also a unit of length in Imperial system and United States customary system. It is represented by symbol “ (double prime) and abbreviated as in. 12 inches make a foot and 36 inches make a yard.

How to convert millimeters to inches

Calculation using a calculator
Calculations for converting millimeters to inches are very simple. You do not have to follow long and extensive steps to do the conversion. It is very easy and quick. You need to follow few simple steps and get your values. Just remember the following equation:

1 millimeter = 0.0393700787 inches

Take a calculator. Multiply the value in millimeters with 0.0393700787. The result is the value in inches. For example if you wish to convert 20 millimeters into inches. Multiply 20 with 0.0393700787 and your converted value in inches is 0.7874, which rounded to three decimal places is 0.787 inches. So 20 millimeters = 0.787 inches.

Calculation by hand
In order to convert millimeters to inches manually, you need a pen and a paper. Multiply the value in millimeters with 0.0393700787 to get the value in inches.
Below is the table for a quick reference for manual calculations.

Millimeters Inches
1 0.0394
2 0.0787
3 0.1181
4 0.1575
5 0.1969
6 0.2362
7 0.2756
8 0.315
9 0.3543
10 0.3937
11 0.4331
12 0.4724
13 0.5118
14 0.5512
15 0.5906
16 0.6299
17 0.6693
18 0.7087
19 0.748
20 0.7874
30 1.1811
40 1.5748
50 1.9685
60 2.3622
70 2.7559
80 3.1496
90 3.5433
100 3.937
200 7.874
300 11.811
400 15.748
500 19.685
600 23.622
700 27.559
800 31.496
900 35.433
1000 39.37

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