Definition of Friendship

Definition of Friendship

True friendship, perhaps is the only relation which survives the tribulations and trials of time as well as remains unconditional. For different people definition of friendship may vary, however it can be most often described as a unique amalgamation of much fun, trust, respect, love and loyalty. Some of the usual traits of friendship can be strong attachments mutual respect and similar interests are what, most of the friends share with one another. There is a famous definition of friendship by Aristotle “A single soul dwelling in two bodies”, which states a sense of emotional safety and comfort among the two individuals.

Friendship- a pure bond

A relationship between friends should be in a way that nobody has to weigh the thoughts or measure expressions before saying it to one another. A friend is someone who understands you more than you do and always assures being with you in every sentimental crisis.

Friendship is everlasting and is much ahead than sharing good times and roaming together. A friend is a companion who accepts your all bad and good qualities with an initiative to mend as well as correct them. A relationship of intimacy, mutual caring, love and faith for each other is friendship.

Better understanding of friendship

There are plenty of definitions of friendship vary from person to person. These definitions are derived from the type of experiences people have had ever. For few, friendship is trust and unconditional love. For some, it is a companionship. Psychologically speaking, the bond of friendship can also be explained as a vibrant mutual relationship among two individuals.

From the time children become good friends, they try to negotiate the limitations within which the partners functions. This helps them to live with an understanding to maintain a distance whenever needed in a relationship.

Sometimes friendship might not last for much longer period of time and may lose or end its prime meaning of regard and love. Many friends most often end up with unsettled tiffs and conflicts. This denotes that the relationship between the two of them was not that strong to hold on in their bad times and adversity. Besides marry making and fun, friendship also involves equal constancy from both friends. Not every friend can become, best friend! A true friend is one who recognizes your shortcomings and strengths with a will to remain with you in bad and good stages of life.

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