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All major messenger services store chat history for your future reference on your computer (yahoo/msn/aim) or on their servers (gtalk) and its a nice feature to have which helps us to refer our past chats but sometimes you may want to delete your chat history, specially if you are using shared PC.So here is how you can delete your chat history on popular messengers like Skype, GTalk, MSN, Yahoo etc.

Skype – To delete chat history on Skype, follow the steps below.

[1] Go to menu Tools and open the Options Window.
[2] Now go to the Privacy Settings from the left buttons.
[3] Here you can see the Clear History button at the right bottom section, just click it to delete Chat History.

Google Talk – You can delete GoogleTalk chat history as follows …

[1] On GTalk window, click on the Settings link at the top.
[2] Now go to the option Chat on the Settings page.
[3] You will get 2 options, Save and Don’t save chat history. By clicking the Don’t Save option, all previous chat history will be deleted.

The same setting is available on the GMail setting page and you can also disable the history here.

MSN/ Windows Live – MSN or Windows Live messenger save chat history on your local system to keep your privacy.

[1] Go to menu followed by Tools -> Options
[2] On the options page, click the Message link from the left bar.
[3] Here you can see the location where your chat history stored as follows
[4] Now you can simply delete the History folder manually from that location.

Yahoo – You can delete Yahoo chat history as follows

[1] Go to menu Messenger -> Preferences
[2] Now select Archives from the left panel
[3] You will get the options at the right side where by clicking the Clear Archives Now button all past chat history will be deleted.

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