Use Digital Camera as Webcam

Do you know that you can use your digital camera as webcam too ? now Ideally you want to use webcam for webcam purpose only but if in dire need, here is the trick to make your digicam as webcam.

[1] Many modern digital cameras are equipped with webcam functionality and come with special webcam software. So first of all check the user manual of your digital camera if it has any such existing feature.

[2] In general, simply plugin the video cable your digital camera and insert the video in port on your computer’s S-Video port. If you don’t have existing video card, then you need to attach a video card on your system.

[3] On the other hand you can also use your digital camera on USB port with AV to USB converter cable. But the USB cable provided with Webcam will not work with your digital cam.

[4] Now if your digital camera comes with direct power A/C option with adapter then try to use it in lieu of battery. As it will prevent to cut off the live broadcast in middle.

[5] Now place your digital camera accordingly and place it within 2-3 feet from your face or the source.

[6] For audio transmission you can simply use a microphone.

[7] Now you will be able to broadcast streaming video from your digital camera with IM services like Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger etc.

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