Dirty Talk Examples

Wondering how to talk dirty with your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend? If you are looking to expand your vocabulary to get your man or woman excited then enlisted below are some of the dirty talk examples.

Dirty Talk Examples – For man

There is no particular time or place to start over with dirty talk conversation. Although, the best and most effective place to dirty talk is bedroom. List of dirty talk examples:

“Come here big boy” – This phrase can be used while you and your man are in the bedroom that gives him a perception of how strong he is, which eventually turns your man on.

“You are hotter/sexier than all your friends” – This is another dirty talk example to make your guy more attracted towards you. After a hang out with his friends telling this sentence would definitely improve his confidence and apparently will turn him on.

“No one has ever turned me on like you” – When both of you are intimate with each other, make him feel special and unique.

“Ooh you smell so delicious I just want to take a bite” – This is the most erotic way to make your man go wild for you.

Dirty Talk Examples – For Woman

Just like men, women also love to talk dirty! If you know the ways to talk erotic or dirty then you will definitely be able to see her new side which would reveal itself while things start heating up in the bedroom. Enlisted below are some of the dirty talk examples to say to your woman in order to turn her on:

“You have no idea how much I want you” – This phrase would definitely heat up things between you and your woman. You can use this example when starting a conversation.

“That lingerie looks hot on you!” – This will make your woman confident enough to start things with you.

Another dirty talk example is to tell your woman how good she smells. This probably is one of the best things to do that no woman can resist. You can simply go close to her and start smelling her, the more intimate you will go the more sensual she would become.

Some other phrases or examples of Dirty Talking

Dirty talk examples – To Men

“Stick in it, please”

“I want you to be gentle”

“Your chest drives me crazy”

“Your body is so hot”

“I can’t wait to do you!”

“No one has ever turned me on like you”

“Come here big boy”

Dirty talk examples – To Women

“You have no idea how much I want you”

“You’re so beautiful… hot, sexy and gorgeous rolled into one”

“That lingerie looks hot on you!”

“Get out of those clothes right now so I can get my hands on your hot ass!”

“I want you RIGHT now!”

“I love the feel of your lips on mine when we kiss. And I love kissing you everywhere!”

“You are so beautiful”

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  1. 1Dirty Talk Ideas on Jan 22, 2010 :

    Great examples! These examples are pretty good and healthy. There is no doubt talking dirty is so much important. It strengthens your relationship, stabilizes your commitment, and moves your man to be ever more loving and devoted to you all day every day.

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