Document Management System

To create a workable document management system solution for your business, you will have to start by allocating yourself some time to sit down and think what you need in your document management system. Basically figure out:

* What are your main needs?

* Why do you need such a system to begin with?

The next step is to decide exactly which of your documents need to go into your new system.

* Documents from how long ago are to be included in your system

* What types of documents do you really want to keep in your system, (receipts, invoices, statements, etc.)

* Will you be scanning and copying paper documents to be stored in your new system?

After you decide that, you then want to limit your storage space. It is very easy to get carried away and decide that you need everything but the kitchen sink in your document management system. This is not the case, remember to,

* Add only those documents which you consider necessary for the running of your business. This will limit on the space you eat up with your system.

After you decide on these items, the next step is to try and cluster your documents into manageable groups. This will ultimately make it easy for you to find your documents. Think of it as something along the lines of a library cross-referencing system.

* The more searchable fields that you have, the easier it becomes to find your documents. So for instance, you could have your documents indexed under the fields of name; type; time/date stamp; business section it belongs to etc.

* Make sure that you always have a backup of your document management system in a separate location.

* If your document management system contains data that is sensitive to your business, then you need to secure your system so that only the people you give access to, will be able to go through it.

* And lastly, to keep a good document management system going, you will need to actually keep it up. All necessary documents should be filed timely and without delay. This will help to avoid unnecessary problems down the line.

If you can also have a paper backup of your system stored somewhere, you will find that this can also be a good backup in the event that the unthinkable happens and both sets of your data (the original and the backup system) gets wiped out.

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