Orisha Elegua is another term of Esu in the Pantheon Yoruba, the deities of Yoruba tradition. Elegua is the guardian of the life’s crossroads. He is known as a messenger who carries the sacrifices and prayers of people to the God in heaven. Elegua boasts of extensive series of responsibilities and is also considered as a psycho pomp, personification of death, deity with misfortune and fortune power and traveler’s protector. He is partial towards rum and cigars with a color coding of black and red. His paths or Caminos are most often symbolized carrying a pipe, cock of shepherd and a cane.

Paths of Elegua

Elegua closes and opens the roadways for people in life and stands in the 4 corners with crossroads as well. Before any ceremony takes place it is the ritual to pay a tribute to Elegua and then continue with the formal proceedings. He boasts of various names and forms. It is said that there are somewhat 256 paths or roads of Elegua, also known as Esu. These roads mainly correspond to 256 Odu in Ifa. No priestess or priest in the Lucumi/Yoruba belief is without Elegua/Esu. Every individual who has given Elegua receives a certain path among 256 roads. Divination is made in order to settle on the path to be assigned to the person.

How to please Elegua

Elegua is a complicated deity and is famously known to create confusions very easily. In order to evade all the hassles associated with Esu, he has always been treated with respect and has been pampered. If any ceremony or sacrifice is taking place it is necessary to offer him something on the first place. Elegua is the ceremony appropriator and without him being given first preference is the outcome preferred in the ceremony would not become fruition.

Facts about Elegua

Elegua is among few orishas that you are not required to be completely instigated in order to receive. A person can be an outsider, an aleyo known as literal translation or not receive and initiated, and if faces any kind of issues or problems then Elegua helps in solving those issues. This is one of the most unique aspects of Elegua that makes him different from others. On the contrary, it is believed that not all paths of Elegua accept children to follow the path. If played or annoyed with some paths then it can be dangerous and serious as well. Every road or path of Elegua does not posess similar characteristics.

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  1. 1jhamalidys alvarado on Dec 9, 2009 :

    hi my name is jhamalidys alvaradoand i am a santera and i am 17 years of age and my father is elegua and my mother is yemaya i have this gift from my great grandfather who past a long time before i was born and im always feeling week i see things and when somone puts a santeria song of yemaya or elegua i tend to start dancing and my auntie is a santera as well she tends to put the music a couple times that i have gone to her house and she said that i have a very special gift and to love that gift so now that i am getting better at it i love the gift that i have

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