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Have you ever wondered Which is the fastest Torrent Software ? In this article we will try to find the fastest torrent client by comparing the best torrent softwares.

What does torrent software do
Downloading torrent shares is the first and the foremost job done by any torrent software. It reads the specifications written in the .torrent files and downloads the content accordingly. For this purpose, there are many features and settings available for the user allowing custom configuration in torrent software.

What are the factors governing download speed?
By nature, the built of the torrent software has a minimum effect on how fast downloads are completed. Instead, there are a few factors governing the speed of a torrent download.

• Torrent client configuration
Every torrent client has settings for user to configure to suit with the network environment. Once these settings are properly configured, the maximum downloading speed can be achieved. Almost all the current torrent clients consist of the same set of settings more or less. Referring to the user manual of the torrent software or advices from user forums will help when you want to configure the torrent software properly.

• Available seeds
If there is only a few seeders available for the download, the time to complete the download will take longer. That is why you need to select a torrent file (.torrent) where it has many seeders.
• Network bandwidth

Although you possess the best torrent client, low bandwidth network will give no good results.

BitComet and derivatives
BitComet and its derivatives are considered faster than its competitors but have been black-marked for unethical behavior. BitComet usually hammer seeders and will give preference to other BitComet users when downloading. This is a violation of fair usage policy and for this reason many torrent trackers have banned BitComet. Therefore, BitComet cannot be considered as the fastest torrent client legally.

uTorrent and Vuze
The two torrent clients have earned the respect as the fastest torrent clients available today. It is proven by the many testimonials that are written by the actual users in torrent community forums.
The final word
It is quite evident that the torrent clients have a minimum impact on the speed of downloads. Instead, one should look at the other governing conditions for getting higher download rates. If at all, there exists a faster torrent client, then it should be either uTorrent or Vuze.

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  1. 1Best Torrent Software on Mar 20, 2009 :

    Best torrent software has to be by a long way. I have used azereus and have found it very slow unfortunately.

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    For me I only relay on Torrent Site that has hundreds of thousands Verified Files like, it’s fast and reliable, established since 2007 and still growing.

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