Google Adsense Account Disabled

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How to find if Google has disabled Adsense Account ?

It is very easy, if your account has been disabled, ads will stop getting shown. Normally when google don’t find relevant ads for your content, it shows PSA (public service ads) but for disabled account, it don’t show any ad which is a clear give away.

Here are the 3 Reasons why your Google Adsense Account got disabled

1. Click Fraud - If you are clicking on your own ads, asking others to click on ads or using scripts to click on adsense, rest assured, your adsense will get disabled in no time.

2. Fake Traffic - if you are in involved in any kind of traffic exchange scheme where the traffic is generated by bots using proxies or if you are involved in PTC programs (paid to click) then too expect your account to get disabled in no time

3. Poor Quality of traffic and Clicks - this happens rarely but if google sees you are deliver very poor quality traffic which is not converting, google will disable your adsense account. Now poor quality is subjective but since while registering for google adsense, we all have agreed to their terms and service, one of which says that google can terminate account in case of poor conversion for advertisers, this is perfectly legal.

Sometimes only few sites get banned in adsense and the account stays active and sometimes the whole account gets disabled. For banned sites, you can not use adsense anymore ever, so you can look to use adsense alternatives

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3 Responses to “Google Adsense Account Disabled”

  1. 1dee on Jul 19, 2009 :

    If your account is disabled because of violation of their webmaster guidelines, it is probably some Google Adsense employees looking for a kickback to boost their part time income.

  2. 2quick adsense account on Jan 28, 2011 :

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  3. 3dea on Apr 19, 2011 :

    I have no adsense account. I uses my friend adsense chanel to put in my site. And then the whole account is disable. Do you think I can use my another friend GA channel to put in my website again or not??? tq

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