Google Adwords Keyword tool captcha not working

I am noticing this for the past 5 days now that Google Adwords Keyword tool is having some captcha problem and almost all the time, you get error that the captcha is wrong and “Enter the letters as they are shown in the image above. ” even though the captcha is filled correct

I am not sure what is wrong here as there is no way I am filling captcha wrong (this happened to me like 25 times), I will try to find the problem if it is at my end, though I do know that many captcha’s are deliberately set to decline first attempt randomly to confuse bots, so many be google is playing tricks here.

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9 Responses to “Google Adwords Keyword tool captcha not working”

  1. 1OPzzz on Jun 9, 2010 :

    Yeah, me too.

    Thats what prompted me to search for others who are experiencing the same problem.

    Also, I don’t know about you, but sometimes the ‘captcha’ was completely blank, asking me to type in what I saw there…

    Bring back the old kw tool!

  2. 2AlexF on Sep 25, 2010 :

    Me three…

  3. 3Jonha on Sep 28, 2010 :

    Same here, what have you done to fix it? Did you use other keyword tool?

  4. 4Boat Auctions Rick on Oct 8, 2010 :

    Make sure your machine hasn’t been compromised by a virus.

  5. 5pooh on Oct 13, 2010 :

    me too… im so worried considering my boss might wonder about this case coz he never had experience it yet. i am really out of thoughts on how to deal in this case. wanted to get some keyword search but captcha is letting me to enter the given captcha over and over again. i I decided to trun off my laptop but same thing. I almost turn off my laptop 7 times and enter different captcha already but still nothing happens. huh…. help….

  6. 6Chad on Dec 2, 2010 :

    Man this crap is pissing me off, I have noticed this periodically in the last two months with Google! There has got to be something ludacris behind the repeat asking for the captcha.

  7. 7david on Dec 20, 2010 :

    if theres a virus out there doing this, has anyone figured out what to do about it?
    I,m getting the same problem.

  8. 8AlexF on Jan 1, 2011 :

    I’m having no issues filling the CAPTCHA in OSX, even though it still doesn’t work in Windows.

  9. 9Rob on Mar 6, 2011 :

    I can assure you I have the same problem, maybe they have too many mail accounts and that is the way they found to stop new accounts?

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