Gtalk, AIM and MSN Online Web Messenger

In the last post, I had covered how you can unblock gtalk, yahoo and msn using various 3rd party IM services.

Now these were 3rd party solutions but even the original service providers of google, AIM and MSN provides you the ability to access these messengers through web interface.

1. To access AIM Online, check AIM Express website of AIM Messenger.

2. To access Gtalk, check Google Talk

page of Google. Ofcourse you can always access google talk through your gmail account. Though the chances are that your Work place, Office or college admins might have already blocked this url.

3. To Access MSN Live messenger, go to MSN Windows Live Web Messenger web page.

I don’t think yahoo provides any such feature to access yahoo messenger from web so you have to use the list of unblocking instant messaging services for it.

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  1. 1Shyam Sundar Das on Apr 11, 2009 :

    Thanks, never knew there are some other ways of accessing these messengers too

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