How I Make $4000 per month

The blog is almost 7 months old and I felt the time has come to write this post to share my leanings with you all as I have achieved some recent milestones in my online life after lot of struggle and failures and after going through lot of sleepless and troubled nights with declining health :)

This is one of my first personal post out of 300+ posts on this blog, So here is about Me, My Life and how I make in excess of $4000 every month and how you too can make similar amount of money.

My Background - I am a 25 year old blogger, Webmaster, Consultant and Programmer who makes his earnings and Living by working Online. I am working online for over 5 years now though I have only started working full time from the last year.

I had started as Freelancer, then started doing programming and now I handles along with some consultancy work and occasional big programming projects, though most of my earnings still come from

Before I started working full time, I was a software engineer for 3 years. Being a passionate and somewhat obsessive computer geek, my whole life revolves around Internet.

About MWolk - In case you are wondering what MWolk means, it has no meaning, atleast not something that I am aware of. It is a 10 year old domain which I had purchased some 3-4 years back. Earlier it was a blog, then some random site, then something else and then I built a custom hand coded proxy listing site along with a friend who was good in proxy promotion to make the site popular. was started over a year ago and it has come a long way now with various sections added to it like this popular tech blog which you are reading as well as local India Blog. I have plans to add few more sections too in coming months once the site gets more traffic.

How much Money MWolk and I make ? - My net earnings are in excess of USD $4000 per month, most of it coming from through adsense. I still do programming work and offers consultancy which helps me to reach that $4000 mark.

How can you make $4000/month like me ? - Well if you are patient, persistent and hard working, there is no way you can’t make this much money, infact you can make more then this, way way more then this, what you want to do is to get a start. If you want to cover a long distance, you have to take the first step. Then, take another step, and another and another and soon you will find that you have reached a small milestone, and then another bigger milestone.

The important thing is to Never give Up, Never ever give up and keep taking actions and working hard. I have yet to meet a person who has made lot of money in his life without working hard. And those who make money with luck anyway loses that money, so you don’t want to spend time looking at them and getting jealous, as jealousy don’t pay the bills and won’t buy you a car. Always remember, no one else can make you rich other then yourself.

So what are you going to do now ? - well the first thing you can do is to subscribe to the blog feed to keep yourself updated. I will be often making posts on my past experiences and failed ventures and how I lost and made money doing various things as well as reviewing various products and services which can help you making lot of money. Note that this is not a make money online blog, its still a tech blog with flavor and some pepper.

I have written few posts covering Google Adsense Program, so you too can start from there and I will keep on writing more such posts every alternate day.


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9 Responses to “How I Make $4000 per month”

  1. 1rahul on May 18, 2009 :

    well said no one make richer than you thank. you for such a nice information.

  2. 2George Serradinho on May 18, 2009 :

    Wow, $4000 a month. I would love just to make $100 a month. I guess I have a lot to learn from you. Thanks for sharing this :)
    George Serradinho’s last blog post..Test WordPress 2.8 Beta 1

  3. 3rick on May 20, 2009 :

    Nice article man. I am just starting to get into making money online myself and at times I want to give up. Thanks for the encouragement none the less that the hard work will eventually pay off.

  4. 4ARUN on May 24, 2009 :

    wow, nice earning … i will just subscribe to your RSS feed

    ARUN’s last blog post..How to fool your friends when they call by saying “The Number Does not VALID”

  5. 5Ajinkya on May 28, 2009 :

    thats kewl ! byt dude , you have written 400$ per monthbut in da pic its of ‘TODAY’ so ?is it of month or day ,i mean wat exactly somewhere u r wrong 0.o ?

  6. 6Abhimanyu on May 28, 2009 :

    @ajinkya - I am pretty sure I have never written $400 per month anywhere. It is $4000 per month, my overall earnings and it includes like 4 sources of earnings, majority of it coming from adsense and web frameworks consultancys

    And if you were talking about screenshot, its not real (though I may touch in next 12 months). My highest daily earning is something like $77/day though this month is turning out to really good for adsense earning and I should be hitting my highest ever. I may put a post about my earnings too of May.

    The purpose of the post was to make you guys focus on the second part of the first, not the first part. It doesn’t matter how much I make, what matters is how much you make for yourself.

  7. 7Ajinkya on May 30, 2009 :

    1st of all , ooopz ! sorry , i misread it !i didnt notice xtra zero ! hhehe :)
    n yes ,! dude , u r doing really well ! keep it up
    i too had adsense account now which is disabled :( , i ihad just 60$ in 2months , now again when i submit another blog thru another id n another name n addrewss , it says problem in navigation ! , did u hav ny idea ? how 2 recorrect it ? , terz no spam or broken links in mu blig

  8. 8Abhimanyu on May 30, 2009 :

    I am not sure blogs are accepted in Google adsense program. I see you are also using a free hosting service, you are better of using blogger to start with.

  9. 9The Articles Base on Aug 20, 2010 :

    Thats Great , it take some time to make good money online , but your post is very decent and i enjoyed while reading. Thanks

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