How to add Adsense with Google Analytics

Google is offering integration of Google analytics with google adsense for over a year now and if you still haven’t started using both to find what pages are earning how much money for you, you are seriously missing out on great information and data.

Integrating Adsense with analytics only takes few minutes, here is how you can do it -

1. go to your google adsense account and you should be able to see a link like this at the top

2. Click on go to your google analytics account and it will take you to google analytics from where you can install the new analytics code on your site. What you have to do is, you have to make one of your site as primary and for rest of the site, you can add additional code other then using analytics older code. This new code enables adsense tracking

3. If you do not decide to integrate the code right now for all the site, you can always do it later on by clicking on Adsense Linking Settings on the top of your account like this

and can go through the same procedure one again. Its really simple actually.

You will be surprised the amount of info you can get when you integrate adsense with analytics, you can know all the pages which are getting most of number of ad clicks, which pages are making most money and how much etc.

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2 Responses to “How to add Adsense with Google Analytics”

  1. 1Claude Gelinas on May 8, 2009 :

    I have both an AdSense and an Analytics account but I still haven’t made the effort to join them. Of course, this might provide added insight so I’ll eventually make some time to do it.

    Thanks for the quick tutorial.

  2. 2Aaron Torng on Jan 10, 2011 :

    I have two sites linked to my Google Analytics account. However, only the main site is showing AdSense impressions while the other one isn’t showing any. I recently switched themes for the site that isn’t working, so do you have any idea as to how I would fix this?


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