How to get rid of Adobe_Updater.exe update Popup

Adobe_Update.exe problem is quite obvious for all users of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Quite often it interrupts us and poped up with message, stays at system tray. Now you can get rid of this annoying process easily.

Basically, in recent days abobe program as widely used and naturally it need some regular update to keep it safe from hackers. But no problem, if you stop this updater and check updates on Abode site on a regular basis.

Now, to disable this updater, you can do while it’s running and stayed on your taskbar. Just click on that icon and you’ll get a dialog box where press the Preference button. Here you’ll get a checkbox “Automatically check for Adobe updates”, just uncheck that.

But incase you are not getting that tray icon then find the exe of that updater file which is located at following location

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Updater6

So, after getting that exe, you can run it by double clicking and you should get that preference dialog. Also open Adobe Acrobat and go to the Edit -> Preferences section. On the preference window just go to the General where you’ll get another checkbox at the bottom. Simply uncheck it also.

But for security concern it is advisable not to deactivate this updater. If you close it just considering the disturb issue then always be ensure you update your adobe product manually online to keep safe.

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