How to make love to a woman

Making love to a woman is the best dream any man can have in his life. But why is it so that all are not able to achieve it? What is the X factor that some of us miss? Try and realize the difference between making love and quenching thirst. Having sex and making love are quite different in literal sense. If you want to be really satisfy a woman, here are some tips on how to make love to a woman that can really help:

a) The first and most important point is to express the woman how much you love her. She should be convinced that you are really committed to her.

b) Start with deep and passionate kiss. Slowly start inching each and every part of her body, let her know that she is the only beautiful woman in the world. Do not try to cross the limits and let her feel comfortable.

c) Do not lose eye contact. This proves that you are true and deeply love her.

d) With start of finale, try to lead the activity. Women really love with man above them. Try and appear timid, taking control of the love making.

e) Try and talk dirty. It has been proved that dirty talking excites women and drives them crazy. Make sure that she enjoys the whole act and remains comfortable. It is the best and in fact easiest way to excite her.

f) Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Be sure that you are slow and enjoy each and every inch of her body. Wait till she reacts and gives some signal for her satisfaction. Keep continuing till she gets really excited. Different women have different choices and level of comfort. So do not haste with it, give time and enjoy each moment.

g) Oral sex is the best starter for love making. If you are wondering how to make love to woman, this is the best medicine. Women love oral sex and it works as a catalyst. Try and master this act, and practice it to its optimum level. This will make you king of love making and undisputed master of sex. Make sure that each kiss is sweet and juicy. This is a great start for an unbelievable sex and helps her in better orgasms.

With these many tips and a perfect start, you should be confident of how to make love to a woman. Note that each and every step of yours in that night will reflect your love making, so all the best. Cheers!

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  1. 1johnasueimen on Dec 21, 2009 :

    how can i make to a woman who i love very mush

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