How to make Torrent Speed Fast

How to make Torrent Speed Fast

There are many tips and tricks to make torrent downloads faster and a few are discussed here.

1. Configure the router
Many broadband Internet users use their routers with the factory settings. These settings are usually not optimized for your network environment. Have you ever experienced sudden drop of Internet when a torrent client is started? Torrent clients create many connections to the Internet for downloading files faster. Many home-used routers are not properly configured to handle such simultaneous connection. Therefore, you need to follow the user manual of the router or contact the vendor for configuring the router properly. Back in my college days, we had sever NAT problem as either most of the ports were blocked or we used to get 2 KBPS speed!

2. Understand your ISP
ISPs do not usually allow you unlimited downloads. Many of them have a cap which varies from 100GB to 250GB. In addition to that, they have their own ways of handling the bandwidth requirements. They usually limit the bandwidth for bandwidth intensive applications such as torrent clients. If such limitations are enforced, you can simply switch to a different ISP where these enforcements are not practiced. I even know some really big ISP’s blocking torrents or limiting traffic on torrent ports!

3. Tweak your operating system
Some old operating systems are poor in handling network connection. Therefore, users have to tweak the operating system parameters manually to get the best out of torrent software. Unlike old operating systems, the new ones are robust in handling outgoing network connections and users will have only a little to tweak. Consult your favorite network tuning website for further details. Ideally you want to allocate maximum bandwidth to torrent programs as well as made sure that you don’t have any anti virus firewall enabled.

4. Choose the best torrent client and tweak it
uTorrent and Vuze are two great torrent clients for best speed. Anyway, they will not perform at their best unless they are properly tweaked. Refer to the respective user manuals for configuring the torrent software to obtain the maximum speed. You may like to read our earlier article Which is the best torrent software to know more about various torrent softwares. IMHO, uTorrent is the best torrent software with a very well balanced system to manage seeding and downloading speeds.

5. Find the torrent files with highest seeders to leeches ratio
Here is a simple rule to make torrent speed fast, download those torrent files which has higher number of seeders. More seeders to less leeches is the ideal scenario for faster download. When the torrent file is selected, this is one of the critical aspects to be considered. Higher the seeders, the better speed you will get without any need of you maintaining high speed.

Tips to make Torrent Speed Fast

1. Always maintain a good torrent seeding ratio - well you always want to have more then 1.0 seeding ratio as such clients get higher download speed from the server. Ideally you want to keep it 1.5+

2. Keep the upload speed maintainable. What I do is, I keep the upload speed high initally say for 25% of the torrent and than reduce the upload speed and increases the download speed. This may sound messy but it works.

3. TorrentFreak has good tutorial on how to increase speed of torrents here, you may like to check them. I personally have not made any changes in my torrent client as all this half open/half close sounded too much for me and I had never seen it making too much different in the past anyway. Still you can look at it. Here is another tutorial on how to speed up torrents

If you have any tips,tricks, suggestions to increase the torrent speed then please tell in comments. I am myself doing all kind of tweaks to understand what works and what not and would surely like to know from others.

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4 Responses to “How to make Torrent Speed Fast”

  1. 1Its my life on Mar 20, 2009 :

    Hi, can you tell me how can I make my torrent speed fast ? I am on slow connectoin but the torrent speed I get is 2 Kbps even if the settings are at unlimited download/upload

  2. 2no one on May 3, 2010 :

    can you tell me how to configure your router

  3. 3Sumesh on Jul 29, 2010 :

    Hi i will tell you a easy way!!!! It really works……

    1.Download cheat engine 5.6.1
    2.Take or open utorrent from cheat engine
    3.Tick speedhack,the put the value to 0.1(zero point one)…..

    IT WLL BOOST TO 1mb/s

  4. 4Jorik on Jun 27, 2011 :

    I never was blocked on torrent sites :) I’m using this program to increase my ratio

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