Is downloading from Rapidshare and Megaupload illegal

Is downloading from Rapidshare and Megaupload illegal ? well partially yes and partially not. This depends on where you live. If you are in USA then obviously it is illegal to download from rapidshare and megaupload but for other countries, say Russia, china etc where the internet laws are not very severe, downloading from rapidshare and megaupload website can’t be called illegal

Do note that these sites rapidshare and megaupload themselves do not have servers in USA and still have been taken to court many times. In the recent incident, rapidshare had disclosed that they have 6 full time employees which takes care of all the pirated stuff and they can’t do much. Legal experts representing copyright owners have often accused rapidshare for just making accuses and not doing much about it. It is worth nothing that almost 99% of content on rapidshare is anyway copyrighted so if rapidshare and megaupload removed that, they will be out of business.

Anyway coming back to what is legal and what is not, lets just assume downloading from rapidshare and megaupload is illegal in USA for sure, for the rest of countries. you guys can take it easy. :)

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4 Responses to “Is downloading from Rapidshare and Megaupload illegal”

  1. 1marcus on Jun 2, 2009 :

    megaupload and rapidshare are so incredible who cares if its illegal

  2. 2Larry on Aug 13, 2009 :

    This article is total BS.
    Copyright laws are international. It is illegal to download TV series, movies, books, software if you do not own them. That is true whether you live in the USA, in Europe, in China, or in Russia.
    However, countries like say, Russia or China do not fight piracy as hard as in US or Europe.

  3. 3Yinka (Nigeria) on Oct 19, 2009 :

    What about when those leaving outside the states order for stuff and those things never get shipped to them? Or when they’re told they can’t something cos they dont live in USA or Canada?
    A friend of mine ordered for a software and after paying and waiting for long, the company told him they couldnt send to him. In that case, dont u think rapishare and megaupload will come in handy?

  4. 4joe on Feb 9, 2010 :

    I have to say that my rapidshare account has never had an upload of any copyright material and it has just been closed. I have been accused of downloading material???

    NOt ssure what has been done wrong.

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