List of Websites to Listen Hindi Songs Online

Yesterday I had made this post covering a site which allows you to listen hindi songs online and as promised, here is the list of websites which allows you to listen hindi songs online -

1. I have already cover RadioReloaded, so won’t talk about it much. I loves its simplicity and lack of ads.

2. Smashits - The Oldie! one of the oldest and establised website to listen hindi songs online. Before moving out to RadioReloaded, Smashits was my first choice. They probably have more songs then anyone. The only drawback is their player which used take lot of time to load and it is also filled with ads and popups, so can’t be used in office. But their song player also has the feature of adding songs, running them in a loop and making playlists so they do have some really good features too.

3. Dhingana is another Indian site to listen hindi songs onlne. I haven’t used it but I know people using it. You can register and see yourself.

4. mp3Hungama is another site to listen songs online. I have used it couple of times, They do have good number of songs though the player is not that good. It takes time to start and is slow to reach but we really can’t complain, can we ?

5. The Biggie! Youtube. I think it has more number of songs then all websites combined and its amazing how people forget about it. Youtube most likely has all most any song which you are looking for and here you can find not only Hindi but Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi and all regional songs too.

6. MusicIndiaOnline - MusicIndiaOnline offers huge variety and variation and not only it offers songs and music in regional languages, they also have categories like light music, Hindustani and Classical etc.

7. - Raaga is another popular site to listen to latest hindi movies songs as well watch music videos. You can create your own playlists to play multiple songs in one go or also explore other people’s playlists.

8. - You can listen to latest Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam songs on too.

I think these sites will do the job for you. If you know any other sites which offers users to listen Hindi songs online, please post them in comments.

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4 Responses to “List of Websites to Listen Hindi Songs Online”

  1. 1Pranav on Apr 17, 2009 :

    Hi, awesome sites indeed as I hate listening to hindi songs on windows media player embedded sites. and yes, youtube owns all these sites. There is not a single song, even in regional languages, which you can’t find it youtube

  2. 2Regal raps on May 6, 2009 :

    youtube has all hindi songs afaik and you can also download them so I don’t think any need of any other site

  3. 3adarsh aloadkar on May 15, 2009 :

    thanks for the list of sites, though smashits and youtube is blocked in our office but the rest of the sites work pretty well, other then hindi songs, you know where can I get marathi songs online ?

  4. 4Shikha on Jul 17, 2011 :

    you have not listed, please list this too.

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