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There are only two kind of people in the world, those who owns cell phones and have lost it atleast once and those who don’t owns a cell phone :) lets admit it, we all have lost the cell phone sometime and its one of the worst dream come true situation. When I lost my cell phone, I lost all my contacts of all friends and I was stupid enough to not take a backup of it so here is an article to help those who lost their cell phone.

There are two “ways” you can lose your cell phone: either in a personal space, such as your car or house, in which case you should be happy, or lost in a public space or get stolen. Fortunately, there are a few ways to find it.

If you think you have misplaced it try and remember what you have done, retrace your route from the last moment you remember using or seeing it. Look under chairs and furniture, places where is most probably you had a body position favorably for your phone to fall out of your pocket. If this doesn’t work try calling it from another phone or using an online service developed specially for this purpose hoping it is at least on vibration if not on loud mode. If it’s set on silent there is still one more trick: walk around with a portable music player, preferably an old one, and if your cell phone is around you will hear that annoying noise from the interference with the phone.

If you suspect it has been stolen you can have your phone service supplier track it using the IMEI (international mobile equipment identity). It is useless to say that once it was stolen the thief surely turned it off and changed the SIM card. By the way, tell them to lock down you SIM to prevent you from getting a huge bill at the end of the month. The IMEI code can be found either on the back of the phone, usually under the battery, either by typing *#06# .  It’s a smart thing to have it wrote down somewhere safely.

Also, if your phone has GPS enabled all the time you can have it tracked down this way.
One more thing you can try to locate your lost cell phone is using Google maps. Use “Click-to-call” by calling any business and instead of its number enter yours.

All those are tips and tricks to locate you lost cell phone but there is no guarantee that you will get your phone back. Daily are stolen way too many phones for the police to be able to handle the problem. The safest way to keep your important data is using a password for the phone and doing back-ups in your computer at least weekly.

If you know more such tips to locate your lost cell phone, you can add them in comments.

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6 Responses to “Locate Lost Cell Phone”

  1. 1prashant on Jun 15, 2009 :

    Hi nice article though unfortunately most of the phones in India are low end which don’t support gps. Not to mention, it is easy to remvoe teh SIM of mobile.

  2. 2find cell phone on Jun 27, 2009 :

    Here are the top 3 tips to locate your lost cell phone -

    1. Think and backtrack all events to try to remember where you lost your cellphone and where u had last seen it.

    2. Ask people - ask all the people if anyone has seen it where u might have lost it

    3. Try to talk to your service provider, they can help in tracking the lost cellphone.

  3. 3santosh kumar on Feb 24, 2010 :

    I lost my NOKIA phone in my office which is located in Habsiguda,the company”s name is GENPACT iN which i work.
    NOKIA 3110C.
    IMEI NUMBER:356833026873855.
    CALL ME ON MY ANOTHER NO. 8099856217

  4. 4GURVINDER on Mar 28, 2010 :

    Today on 28-03-2010 ,I lost my cell phone nokia 5610d-1RED, having Airtel Punjab no.08146410012 During my visit to ludhiana by me.
    Its IMEI no is 358652015476043.
    help me to get it back .my contact no. is 09466135545.

  5. 5surender on Apr 26, 2010 :

    Today on 26-04-2010 ,I lost my cell phone nokia 3110 black, having idea sim card

    help me to get it back .my contact no. is 9908123587

  6. 6HIMANSHU on Dec 4, 2010 :

    Hey… how my nokia mobile has been stolen so how can i contact NOKIA service provider so that they can track it using IMEI???? please anyone tell???

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