Lost Rankings in Google ? Got Penalized ? Request for Reconsideration to Google

If you think that your site has been deindexed in Google (losing lot of pages or whole site) or you have been penalized by Google (losing all rankings) then its worth giving a try to request for reconsideration by Google.

Most of the time, if its a technical problem, then you can easily get your indexed pages back though if you have build links through unethical ways or using black hat methods and have violated gooogle’s webmaster policies, don’t expect much to happen.

To file for reconsideration request, to go Google webmaster tools and on right hand side, you should be able to see Request for Reconsideration link, you will of course first have to register your sites to use Google webmaster tools properly.

From whatever I have seen, Google do reads all the requests, though they probably used to take actions for only 1% of requests and the rest probably will be from webmasters whose sties got penalized. If your site has got penalized, expect no response from Google. Also always make sure that before filing for the reconsideration request, your site is not violating Google webmaster guidelines.

If you have some questions related to reconsideration request then feel free to ask in comment box.

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