Make your Wordpress Blog Mobile Compatible with MobilePress

Most of the popular wordpress blogs also offer a mobile version of it so its readers can see it while using their mobiles or smartphones or hand held devices. Now you can also make your wordpress blog mobile and smart devices compatible by simple using Mobilepress wordpress Plugin.

It is a WordPress plugin which enables your blog on mobile phone browsers like iPhone, Windows CE, Opera mini etc. With MobilePress, different themes also can be created to support wide range of browsers and handsets. Also it has the ability spot out to mobile search bots like Google, Yahoo, MSN. So, without extra effort, MobilePress helps to index your blog on mobile search engines.

WP Blog on Mobile Browser

MobilePress claimed to be the first such plugin that allows WP blogs on mobile. Also, if like your blog to be viewed by mobiles only, MobilePress has an option say “Force Mobile Site”. This option compiles your blog into a mobile only blog and it will be displayed as a mobile site even on PC browsers as well. So, regarding settings and configurations, you can always twist your word press blog with aspects such as forcing the site to be rendered for mobile and using the theme you chose in advance, no matter where it is being browsed from.

To end with one feature which is much admirable is that the provided solution with MobilePress comes entirely free from ads, and there are no backlinks to be troubled about either.

You can download MobilePress from here

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2 Responses to “Make your Wordpress Blog Mobile Compatible with MobilePress”

  1. 1Harsh Agrawal on May 12, 2009 :

    I got to know about this plugin few days back and I installed it on my blog. The plugin works great. Though the downside is due to adsense or any advertisement code , it make your blog look ugly in mobile. If you are not using any adsense code around your blog posts. This plugin will be very handy to get an extra edge from mobile internet users.

  2. 2Rohit on Jan 3, 2011 :

    Its a great plugin…. i’m using it & i found got extra visitors from search engines…

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