Multiple Adsense Accounts

Google adsense do not allow you to have multiple adsense accounts but still you can have more then one google adsense accounts as you can open it using your family members name. This is perfectly legal way of having multiple google adsense account (the address has to be different though).

Here are some tips to have Multiple Account

1. You can open an account on your spouses or brothers or any other closed family members name who has a bank account.

2. You will have to give different address as google will not accept the same address twice for two adsense bank accounts

3. You will always have to avoid using same IP to access the accounts as using same IP will certainly raise the flags and can get accounts blocked.

4.Another way of getting second adsense account is if you have registered company (and a bank account on companies name), this will get you additional adsense account on your companies name.

Google also offers Premium adsense account but that is only for sites which have millions of visitors per month. In the end, follow this rule, unless you have a very strong reason of having another adsense account, don’t put effort in getting one, its not worth the time and can cause serious problems in the end. :)

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2 Responses to “Multiple Adsense Accounts”

  1. 1dhani on Oct 13, 2010 :

    Dear sir, will I get banned if me and my friend login from the same IP in our office? We are both using exactly different address? how can I avoid my friend logging in to his own adsense account? Should every adsense publishers have their own dedicated IP?
    Please advice….thanks you very much

  2. 2Sajjad on Feb 6, 2011 :

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