Port 80 Busy | How to start Apache on XAMPP and WAMP

While using XAMPP or WAMP, many people get this error of Port 80 Busy and Apache is not able to start. In XAMPP the error looks like this

This had given me lot of trouble as I wasn’t able to understand what is causing this ? this problem has occurred to many many times and very randomly. The reason of this is, as you can see, port 80 busy. So most often some program and service is using port 80 and you need to close that.

What you can do is, you can start closing programs from taskbar (the one on the lower right corner in windows) and see after closing which program, the apache again starts working (you need to click on start in XAMPP/WAMP control panel).

Most likely it is Skype which must have blocked the port 80. If you are running skype, then you can easily change its ports. Go to Tools -> Advanced -> Connections (see below image)

and uncheck the Use Port 80 and 443 option and close skype. Now again try to start Apache. you should be able to do it.

If you are having any more problems with XAMPP and apache, you can ask your queries as comments.

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54 Responses to “Port 80 Busy | How to start Apache on XAMPP and WAMP”

  1. 1Rishi on Mar 14, 2009 :

    Hi, nice tip. However I have not installed Skype in my system. Still can’t get Apache to run. FYI, I’ve not insalled IIS too. Actually it states “php5apache2_2.dll mocule can not be loaded” upon startin up. I am using XAMPP 1.7.0 on Windows XP Pro SP3.

  2. 2admin on Mar 15, 2009 :

    Hi Rishi, it seems u didn’t have clean install. u downloaded the latest version of xampp ? u installed from the installer ? I had used xampp on windows XP pro SP3 last year and it ran smoothly.

  3. 3Rishi on Mar 15, 2009 :

    Hey, thanks for your reply. I’ve used XAMPP lite 1.7.0 Selfextracting ZIP archive version. I’ve put the similar thread to their forum also. But couldn’t find answer yet. Here is its link. http://www.apachefriends.org/f/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=34049

  4. 4admin on Mar 20, 2009 :

    Hi, somehow I missed your comment. Really sorry about that. I looked at the thread and it seems the last reply has solved the problem ? so you got it working eventually ?

  5. 5mithun on Apr 22, 2009 :

    same prob to me. actually i am not using skype. i’ve been test port 80. it says, IIS uses the port 80. i’ve been uninstall IIS even then it says the the same error “busy apache started [port 80]“. i’m using windows 7 ultimate.

  6. 6Abhimanyu on Apr 22, 2009 :

    @Mithun - stop IIS as service too. I don’t know what is the path for Services in Windows 7 ultimate but in Vista i just type services and hits enter and it shows the services window. You have obviously not uninstalled IIS fully

  7. 7mithun on Apr 22, 2009 :

    I have stopped IIS as service from control panel. But got the same error……. oh god, I am really fed up with this error. Can u give me any other solution?

  8. 8Abhimanyu on Apr 22, 2009 :

    @Mithun - Restart your laptop/PC, if IIS don’t start, XAMPP or WAMP should start on port 80 server. Otherwise if possible, reinstall XAMPP again. before finding that skype was the root of problem, I had to reinstall XAMPP couple of times to solve the problem :)

  9. 9Steve on May 18, 2009 :

    thanks. exactly what the issue was on my machine. funny thing, it was the first time i ever installed skype

  10. 10Inas on Jun 4, 2009 :

    Hi, great tips, never suspect Skype will own the port though

    thank you.

  11. 11shira on Jun 25, 2009 :

    thanks a lot for these notes …it was really helpful for me..my problem was solved

  12. 12Kent on Jul 12, 2009 :

    Had same issue with Win 7 Ultimate, and Vista. Skype wasn’t a problem for me. Managed to get it working by changing the port that Apache runs on:


  13. 13Mike S on Aug 29, 2009 :

    I uninstalled IIS on my XP SP2 box and Apache still says port 80 is busy. Any advice?

  14. 14Raoul on Oct 8, 2009 :

    Thank you very simple explanation! I did it and now It works ;)

  15. 15petrenko on Oct 22, 2009 :

    Didn’t manage to run it on port 80. Skype was not the case. Netstat shows, that unknown process with ID is running on port 80. Taskkill tells that I don’t have sufficient privileges.

    Finally just changed port in Apache configuration to 8080.

  16. 16DesignFrogUK on Nov 13, 2009 :

    Many thanks for your tip. Skype was the problem.

  17. 17Praful on Dec 27, 2009 :

    Nice tip!
    Once I installed xampp and than skype than that time i didn’t get any problem. but when I install skype first and after that xampp I got this problem.
    Thanks for good tip!

  18. 18lesley on Apr 21, 2010 :

    thank you for your tip!

  19. 19Lutfi on Jun 12, 2010 :

    just found your tips,, and it really helps, thanks :D

  20. 20aqilah on Jun 24, 2010 :

    very great solution..thank’s a lot!(^_^)

  21. 21Joke Buddha on Aug 10, 2010 :

    Thank you! I had to close Skype before!

  22. 22Hanz on Sep 27, 2010 :

    nice. it worked!

  23. 23vijtih on Sep 30, 2010 :

    click on Apache icon on task bar on that Apache —>httpd.config—->change #Listen
    Listen 80——– to —>#Listen
    Listen 8080——-(this will surely helps u)

  24. 24Lorie on Oct 1, 2010 :

    Still cannot use apache. port 80 is used by the system. I’m on verion 7 and I disconneted skype

  25. 25Abhimanyu on Oct 1, 2010 :

    @Lorie, close the Skype process and try again, Port 80 can not be used by “System’

  26. 26Ben on Oct 8, 2010 :

    ok guys for windows 7 or vista users

    the service that was sneakly using port 80 was…

    “World Wide Web Publishing Service”

    go into your windows services admnistration and stop the service, XAMPP should work

  27. 27kathy on Oct 19, 2010 :

    perfect. saved me a lot of time debugging that.

  28. 28dawn on Oct 28, 2010 :

    thanks Ben. problem solved at last!

  29. 29Mehul Kar on Nov 1, 2010 :

    XAMPP started successfully..when I got to localhost, xampp shows up and under status, mysql and apache::asp are “activated”, but when I go to services.msc it still doesn’t say that apache and mysql services are running.

    also in xampp control panel, apache is running, but mysql is not.

    any help?

  30. 30Agitow on Nov 11, 2010 :

    i’ve to tried close my skype, and apache server was strarted….

  31. 31Massoud on Nov 22, 2010 :

    Sorry, but I did all from you above and still the problem remain

    I try to check port 80, but it shows its free.

    Port 8080, it shows it used by Oracle since I installed in my Computer.

  32. 32Alok on Dec 31, 2010 :

    Sorry , but in my pc Skype is not installed thereafter it shows busy

  33. 33rubine on Jan 9, 2011 :

    i try to start apache in xampp(vista) but it just say busy…. no port info displayed. check ports. they are free. what is wrong with it?

  34. 34Mark on Feb 12, 2011 :

    It’s impossible to solve :(

  35. 35Lee on Mar 1, 2011 :

    thx a lot….u really provide a great assist for me to solve the prob…BRAVO

  36. 36awankbluez on Mar 3, 2011 :

    Quoted : “26Ben on Oct 8, 2010 :

    ok guys for windows 7 or vista users

    the service that was sneakly using port 80 was…

    “World Wide Web Publishing Service”

    go into your windows services admnistration and stop the service, XAMPP should work

    Perfectly solve the problem.. :D

  37. 37arteo on Mar 17, 2011 :


  38. 38rasoul on Mar 22, 2011 :

    when i start apache ,it just run for second and stop ,please help me

  39. 39jomel on Mar 23, 2011 :

    apache port 80 is busy… but im not using skype..
    how may i know what program is blocking my apache??

    tnx in advance..

  40. 40Rahul Parekh on Mar 25, 2011 :

    This is the first time I ran apache after installing it yesterday. Coincidentally, skype was on while doing so and it wouldn’t run. You’ve just saved me a lot of hassle of reinstalling it multiple times and trying to figure out why it won’t run. Thanks a lot, mate!

  41. 41Fatima on Mar 28, 2011 :

    Thank you very much. I used skype but until know I didn’t know that it was the cause why I couldn’t run apache on xampp. Now I know. Thanks a lot. :)

  42. 42John on Apr 1, 2011 :


    u r my hero of the day..!

    You saved me half an hour of googling.. Thank you !!!

  43. 43Stef on Apr 1, 2011 :

    I tried to install WAMP first and then XAMPP but I had the same problem. Port 80 busy. My problem is IIS running “World Wide Web Publishing Service”. I am using windows 7 and tried through Task Manager to close it but I cannot. It gives me ACCESS DENIED.

    HELP please!

  44. 44priya on Apr 5, 2011 :

    its realy great one

  45. 45beginner on Apr 8, 2011 :

    Hi All,

    If neither one of you install skype, or “world wide web publishing service” in your computer, then please check the http.conf file.. there might be syntax error which causes apache server to halt the starting processs..

    moreover, you may also launch manually apache_start .bat file to see the error message.

    xampp beginner

  46. 46Wesbi on Apr 9, 2011 :

    Thanks a lot I was suffering in this problem last some days and was worried.
    I uninstall and then installed xampp server many time but still i was in trouble. You did a great job. Thanks

  47. 47Dan O'Prey on Apr 9, 2011 :

    Perfect, thanks a lot for this simple tip. It was Skype that was doing it for me, you saved me a lot of time, cheers.

  48. 48Yaashaar on Apr 13, 2011 :

    As it Said Above At Skype Go to Tools -> Advanced -> Connections:
    uncheck the Use Port 80 and 443 option and close skype.

    **RESTART*** YOUR PC*****!!!

    then try it!
    it worked for me

  49. 49hello on Apr 13, 2011 :

    Thank you Very Much………………………:).I’m from iran..i use this.

  50. 50Anil on Jun 9, 2011 :

    apache port 80 is busy… but im not using skype..
    how may i know what program is blocking my apache??

  51. 51Jan Cejka on Jun 10, 2011 :

    And service “Web Deployment Agent Service” (part of IIS) use 80 (TCP + TCPV6) port on System (PID 4) too.

  52. 52milind sahare on Jul 28, 2011 :

    if you are getting bothered with whats wrong with apache running then you should probably finding these thing skype, vb 2008, iis, and so forth, i was getting so troubling with why 80 port is so busy and i have deleted vb 2008 for no reason and i was going to delete iis too but before to it go to administration tool if you are using xp service pk2 iis(internet information service) and then web site,scroll down to the web site you will see blue circular mark with number 55 left click on it and stop this you will able to run apache but should restart and yes if you are using outlook make sure deleted port and ads.

  53. 53yugandhar Veeramachaneni on Aug 4, 2011 :


    I also found that The SQL Reporting Service also listens on port 80. So I recommend disabling/stopping that service also in order to use port 80.

  54. 54marcoklk on Sep 6, 2011 :

    I installed xampp on Win 2003 serwer, I changed:
    in httpd.config
    “Listen 80?, to “Listen 8080?
    “ServerName localhost:80?, to “ServerName localhost:8080?
    but Apache port 80 is stiil busy. Why I still see port 80? I changed it for 8080.

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