How to Reset Hard Drive

If you are looking to reset your hard drive (hard disk as called by many) to factory settings, follow the steps.

After a while from a clean Windows installation you may notice that your computer runs more slowly, it sometimes stops responding and the only thing it does efficiently is to drive you mad. This is due to hard drive errors, bad sectors and even computer viruses. In time computers get clogged up with all kind of junk “temporary” files, viruses and the data is spread all over so bad that defragmentation software can’t do much. The only solution in these cases is to reset your hard drive, a full format and a clean operating system installation.

In this tutorial I will tell you how to do a clean Microsoft Windows installation. We will consider a virus corruption problem along with the others and do a full hard drive format. If you think this is not your case and your PC is virus free just format the windows partition (C:\).

1. Back-up
Even though you may have viruses on all partitions you still need to back-up you data somehow. We will deal with removing the little terrorists later. Copy all your data on another hard drive, external or not, or on DVDs. I suggest using copy – paste instead of using back-up applications. These kinds of programs create some kind of archive which will be hard or impossible to disinfect without damaging it.

Make sure you have all your drivers. If not, use Everest to determine what your configuration is and download them.

2. Formatting and installation
The easiest way to do the formatting is from windows itself. Format every partition except C. Do not use quick format! After you are done reset toy PC and enter BIOS (usually you have to press the delete key during start up). There set the primary boot device to be your CD/DVD drive. Don’t change anything else because you may damage something if you don’t know what you’re doing! Insert your copy of Windows installation disk in the drive and hit save & exit. The PC will restart and load the installation. It may ask you to press any key to enter the installation; do so (only this time!).

When it reaches the window where you have to choose the partition on which to install Windows you have two options depending on the windows type:
- XP: select C and then select “format using NTFS” when asked.
- Vista and later: highlight C and click the advance options button at the bottom of the window. There you can choose to format the partition.
Also, at this step you can repartition your hard drive if you wish.

3. Installing further
After formatting the hard drive the installation will copy all the files it needs and ask you different information such as user name & password and serial key.

4. Restoring
After the installation process has finished install all the drivers and programs you need. Before copying back all your files scan them with antivirus software to eliminate any potential threat.

5. Enjoy your clean PC

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