How to Reset Modem

Now dialup internet is almost replaced by DSL and ADSL internet. Sometime, due to wrong setup or malfunctioning of the DSL/ ADSL modem we need to reset it to factory setting. Basically, DSL/ ADSL modem acts like a router. Resetting these modems is very easy and you can do it your self by following simple steps as mentioned below.

  • Open any standard browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • Now, type at the address bar to open the modem setting page.


  • Next it will prompt for username and password. By default the username and password both is “admin” [without quotes] for most DSL Modem. If it doesn’t works for you then put the username “admin” and leave the password field blank.
  • Now the DSL Modem setting page will open
  • On the setting page, generally you will get a “Reboot” link at the bottom of left menu. Just click this link.
  • Now, at the right section, you can see two buttons – “Save/ Reboot” and “Restore Default Settings”.
  • In order to reset your modem, you need to click on the “Restore Default Settings” button. That’s all, now your modem will reboot itself to the factory setting.

  • After successful restoring, remember to create new connection or set the modem according to your ISP setting to get connected.

Also, there is another easy way to reset these types of modems. Few modems come with a very small notch at the back side of the modem like the following images. You just need to push that notch with some wire or PIN to reset it.

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  1. 1ritche on Dec 3, 2009 :

    the username/password that you suggested did not work. any solution?

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