Simple CAPTCHA - Stop Automated Bots and Spammers Comments

Even with Akismet enabled, wordpress blogs still get spammed as bots and spammers just fill the url field with their website and post some random comment. Now you can stop them altogether by putting image verification i.e. Captcha in comments. One such wordpress plugin is Simple Captcha.

Simple Captcha is a basic plugin for your wordpress blog to protect bots and spammers form post flooding. It’s a very common problem for almost all blog to protect unwanted automatic posts and advertising. Simple CAPTCHA is the simple answer, which protects your blog from the above mentioned problem.

As we all know, captcha in general contains a combination of random numbers and character and user needs to enter that string before posting anything. Simply, as a bot can’t read from image, the captcha controller will allow posts only if the string entered correctly.

Simple Captcha plugin for wordpress displays 6 random digital numbers and the posters just need to enter those numbers correctly. In some cases, words or characters displayed in different fonts and something few in big and few in smaller size which is really irksome and users often mistake while reading. But, as simple captcha displays only numbers and in same size, it’s really easy for users to read correctly.

If you like to use this plugin for your personal blog, try to avoid earlier release and use the latest possible as on earlier release there were few problems.

You can download Simple CAPTCHA from here.

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