Get Subtitles for Foreign and English Movies Online

Open Subtitles is one of the most comprehensive sources of subtitles on the web for not just English but non English movies as well. Subtitles are small files and can be easily downloaded over the web without any difficulty.

The *.srt file can be searched, identified and downloaded to your computer. You can then write it to the CD or DVD or play it in your computer itself. Surfers need not even register at the site in order to download the subtitles. You can find subtitles in different languages for a single movie from this website. You can download Chinese or French subtitles for the same English movie.

In the event you are unable to find the subtitle that you are searching for, you can post a request to the administrator for a particular subtitle in a particular language. These requests are fulfilled promptly. This is one reason why the website is so popular.

This site is not restricted to Divx subtitles only. You can download subtitles for DVD movies and Xvid movies as well. This site is not restricted to specific movie formats. The database covers English as well as non English movies and subtitles.

You need not visit the website again and again to find out the latest subtitles addition. Simply subscribe to its feed and you shall be informed of the latest changes and additions without having to visit the site. By default, the website notifies all registered users of new updates once in day. You can change this to suit your requirements. You need to visit the site only if the site has a subtitle that you need.

You will have to register to post your request for subtitles or to receive notifications of new subtitles. Registration is free and your email address is required for account activation.

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