Tippmann a 5 stealth Paintball Marker

Paintball is an interesting game and has been gaining grounds ever since it has evolved as a sport. People dividing into groups, making strategies and aiming at each other, trying to aim and hit at right spot makes it interesting. The key of the game lies in the sharp shooter who has the special gun. it is recommended for any sharpshooter to use the Tippamann A 5 stealth paintball market that is very renowned for its capability and clean shot.

Here are some features of the timmpann A-5 stealth paintball marker:

a) It has a unique design of air system that gives immense power to deliver the marker with utmost speed and accuracy.

b) The stealth marker also contains a stock kit that is collapsible with Flatline barrel that creates the much needed backspin enabling us to take longer shot. We are able to take much flatter shots with highest accuracy.

c) Further we can strip the hoseline attachment and reassemble it fast enough with shooting capability.

d) The die case receiver is made up of aluminium with black finish making the Tippmann A-5 stealth paintball marker the toughest market in the market.

e) The design is optimized to absorb most of the shock of the back fire produced or the recoil that does not hurt the shooter.

f) The front cocking knob provides an enclosed receiver with capacity of 200 round hoppers with wide mouth.

g) It is extendible and can be upgraded with as many accessories you want that might include the double triggers.

h) The expansion chamber kit can be attached and removed easily making it easier to clean and reload faster.

i) Its compatibility with compressed air, nitrogen, or compressed CO2 makes it even more amazing and increases the performance many folds.

j) Many upgraded versions are semi automatic now, enabling you to focus completely on the game without bothering about the reloading or recoiling.

k) The magazines have a capacity of more than 150 markers.

l) The length of the barrel can be chosen according to comfort level.

m) The range of the paintball marker is quite good enough to enable you to take accurate shots with precision.

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