Types of Printing Paper

Papers are widely used everywhere in the World. For different purposes different kind of papers are used. There are many types of Printing paper available in the market such as gloss papers, photograph papers, , O.H.P paper, iron on transfer papers, sticker paper, matt papers, transparent paper and even more. Actually printing papers are designed so to be used only for printing purpose only therefore they are also available in different qualities as well as per market requirement. Following are the most popular types of papers;

Matte Paper
This kind of paper looks very lusterless and dull. Matt papers are usually used where high quality prints are of prime importance and where non glare images are in the printing process. This kind of paper is available in different sizes and qualities as per market requirement.

Gloss Paper
Gloss Paper is a kind of shiny paper which can brings up with luster. It can be used as a photographic print paper because of its glossier and shiny effects. Gloss paper is used when precision is of prime importance. This kind of paper is available in a huge variety of sizes and qualities as per market requirement.

Photographic Paper
This paper is a paper where some sort of special kind of material is coated on it. These papers are used for the printing of high quality photo prints. Due to its high usability in most of the printing companies, this paper has a very high demand in the market. This paper is made up with some sort of sticky and shining material which makes it very suitable for printing photographs. Phorographic paper is available in different sizes and qualities as per market requirement.

Iron-on Transfer Paper
These paper are used to print objects and images. The images are printed by using an opaque inkjet printer. The cost for printing using such paper varies according to customer requirement. These papers are used for mass printing and have a long lasting feature. This kind of paper is mostly used in printing presses. This is also available in numerous varities according to its sizes and purpose if usage.

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