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Although Apples Safari is a nice browser but there may be times when things don’t seem to workout. In such a situation you can always have the option to get rid of it & try again. How to uninstall it? Here is an article covering how to uninstall safari. Today we will explain you in a step by step process as how to uninstall safari 4 on Windows XP or Vista easily.

Safari 4 has added features that facilitate you in finding the content you want over the web quickly, like the leading Sites & a full detailed query search. History search utilizes Cover Flow to guide you switch through webpage previews of the sites you surfed earlier, so now you can simply identify the one you want to return.

Step-by-step Guide to uninstall safari on your Windows?

Step 1: Click the “start” button on the bottom left of your desktop & then click “control panel” tab. Now the control panel page will open.

Step 2: Click on “uninstall a programs”. A new browser window will pop out.

Step 3: Now Find Safari indexed in the list of the installed programs & then right click over it and click “uninstall/install” button of the menu. The uninstall process will start automatically in a few seconds.

That was easy isn’t it? At the end of this process you will have successfully uninstalled safari web browser. It is very easy with some simple steps.

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