Warez-bb down

One of the biggest warez website on the net, warez-bb is down for almost 12 hours now. These are really worrying signs for millions of people who were downloading movies, music, software from it as warez-bb was huge in size and content. Infact its probably the double the size of its nearest rival projectw.

Its difficult to comment why warez-bb is down right now and whether it has been taken down by authorities as its pretty obvious it being the biggest warez site of the planet, MPAA and RIAA will always be looking to shut them down.

You can the list of other warez forum from here in case you don’t want to wait for warez-bb to come online.

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44 Responses to “Warez-bb down”

  1. 1thedude on Jan 13, 2009 :

    site works fine here so no riaa :D

  2. 2admin on Jan 18, 2009 :

    Ya,its great that warez-bb is again up. It is the biggest warez website on net and its hard to imagine what would had happened if was permanently down

  3. 3naive on Jan 31, 2009 :

    the website i’m currently using do to wbb down is http://www.BayW.org

  4. 4admin on Feb 1, 2009 :

    Seems warez-bb is again down. Its unfortunate actually as it seems they are having frequent database troubles.

    Thanks naive for the link of bayw. One of the other warez forums is projectw which can be used as alternate for warez-bb

  5. 5Jihan on Feb 2, 2009 :

    As Naive said, warez-bb is actually down. It’s been down for almost a week, a bit frustrating if you ask me. I bought a rapidshare account no long ago and now I can’t use the last few days anyway because warez-bb is down. A bit upsetting because it hasn’t been down in the past when I DIDN’T have an account.

    I hope they fix up soon. I appreciate their work and efforts.

  6. 6admin on Feb 2, 2009 :

    ya its frustrating indeed to see warez-bb down again. They seems to be having serious database corruption problems.

  7. 7Warez-bb.org at CPB on Feb 22, 2009 :

    There are lots of download sites but this forum offers almost everything. :)

  8. 8Pat on Jan 8, 2010 :

    it’s down again and has been for a few hours

  9. 9tracey on Feb 4, 2010 :

    It’s down again and has been for days.

  10. 10Warez-bb.org on Apr 24, 2010 :

    the site is down again from last so many days.

    or is there any change is url

  11. 11Abhimanyu on Apr 26, 2010 :

    You are from which country ? you may want to check this http://mwolk.com/blog/warez-bb-not-working-from-india-loading-problem/

    I will highly advice you to start using PhProxy firefox addon https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3239


  12. 12cocalero on May 1, 2010 :

    Hi everyone who is desperate with warez-bb down you should try this web http://www.forumw.org .It`s pretty much clone of warez and you can find anything you wish for( movies games tvshow )

  13. 13Aashay on May 22, 2010 :

    I love warez-bb and its the only warez website i use, and i really be sad when its down..it sucks

  14. 14alden on May 28, 2010 :

    Some may not know but this is the best website to get softwares. people here are so good that they are sharing everything

  15. 15Shane on Jul 9, 2010 :

    I wish the Site will come Back, Its July 8th 2010!

  16. 16Abhimanyu on Jul 9, 2010 :

    @Shane - yes, warez-bb is down currently

  17. 17Jame on Aug 16, 2010 :

    I have been using these sites while wbb is down

    http://forumw.ca/ - the original ForumW with tons of content and rare stuff.
    http://BayW.org/ - really neat site with lots of games and music mostly originally uploaded by their uploaders.

    I hope this helps/

  18. 18Hack3r on Nov 8, 2010 :

    warezz bb is also not working from NY…this sucks

  19. 19Corey on Nov 10, 2010 :

    It’s not working, =(

  20. 20jingismikan on Nov 14, 2010 :

    Good warez sites are, while warezbb is down: katz.cd & projectw.org

  21. 21concepteurdart on Jan 14, 2011 :

    it’s down again

  22. 22Malik on Jan 20, 2011 :

    The site is still down, from Indonesia.

  23. 23Warez-bb Fan on Feb 22, 2011 :

    Does anyone know why Warez is down this time?? appreciate any info on this!! 21/02/11 UK.

  24. 24Warez-bb Fan on Feb 22, 2011 :

    Moved onto http://www.Bayw.org, you dont need to pay a subscription fee to this site and operates very similar to Warez-bb.org

  25. 25serg on Feb 22, 2011 :

    down in US, California

  26. 26OrosSale on Feb 22, 2011 :

    warez-bb is down…. why? :-(

  27. 27alex on Mar 14, 2011 :

    down for me :(

  28. 28Indiver on Mar 16, 2011 :

    here is the Proof of the Down



    now can any one tell me waht is happening here

  29. 29oicur2ys4me on Mar 16, 2011 :

    down again.
    Has been all day today

  30. 30humbs on Mar 16, 2011 :

    From http://blog.warez-bb.org


    March 16th, 2011 @ 20:51 HKT

    We’ve been down for the past 24 hours and it is due to our host going down. Please bare with us as we bring it back up.

  31. 31someone on Mar 16, 2011 :

    is this a joke? warez-bb is never down, all you have to do is add it to host file. If you don’t want to wait do this:
    To fix the Warez-BB issue add the following line to your hosts file http://www.warez-bb.org warez-bb.org
    OR/NOT AND http://www.warez-bb.org warez-bb.org


    To edit your hostfile in Linux open a terminal and type:
    sudo gedit /etc/hosts
    sudo nano /etc/hosts

    To open your hostfile in a mac

    follow these instructions:

    To open in Windows:

    Win 7

    Win XP

    – Would you like to know more? :P

  32. 32whoknows?? on Mar 17, 2011 :

    no idea maybe down to the fact that they give away or let people give away soft ware just maybe

  33. 33oicur2ys4me on Mar 17, 2011 :

    their hosts servers are down


  34. 34bed_freak on Mar 17, 2011 :

    hi its down here is south Africa too

  35. 35bed_freak on Mar 17, 2011 :

    works now agen

  36. 36thepack469 on Mar 23, 2011 :

    down again

  37. 37Jordan on Mar 25, 2011 :

    I could not access warez-bb for along time now and it really SUCKS!! but then i just clicked the “warez-bb” link on “post 31″ and now warez works fine for me THANK YOUUU SOMEONE!!!!

  38. 38pepo on Mar 25, 2011 :

    down again

  39. 39alejandro on Mar 25, 2011 :

    It gives an error “500″ server error
    hope it will be up again !
    Long Live Warez-bb.org !

  40. 40billy on Mar 25, 2011 :

    warezBB down again

  41. 41Amr on Mar 26, 2011 :

    Site is down from Egypt

  42. 42DAV231276 on Mar 26, 2011 :

    Seems this is a recurring Problem Form the Warez Team as Yet again.
    Since early 2day the server is down once again, no Access from the NL, Uk, Us & Mu sites

  43. 43Kastet on Apr 1, 2011 :

    Warez BB its the best and the worst forum at the same time:/
    Amount of times when its down and time they trying to solve it….no words…. thats just retarded

  44. 44Shahmir on Jul 19, 2011 :

    The website is still down for me. Its one of the best websites but also very disappointing that it is always down.

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