Ways to Fix Radiator Leak

While going to the office, if you observe any leakage in the radiator then it surely requires fixing. Overheating occurs when the cooling system of the vehicle fails, which can sometimes, leads to leakage or ineffective engine cooling. One of the most common forms of leakage is radiator leak. However, through proper care and maintenance radiator leaks can be easily prevented while driving on the road. Internet is perhaps the most suitable option to fetch out endless information regarding best radiator stop leak.

Radiators are those devices which are used in order to radiate a vehicle’s heat. This exchanging of heat device is most commonly observed in buildings, electronics as well as automobiles. Radiators are designed with a sole purpose to transfer the heat through thermal radiation, the objective being cooling and heating.

Tools & Materials Required

With the purpose to stop leak in the radiator, it would be wise to choose two essential materials, which are:

Ground Black-pepper

Duct tape

Instructions to Fix Radiator Leak

In order to fix the radiator leak, following steps are necessary to abide by:

Step 1: The first and foremost step is to find-out the radiator leak. If the leak in the radiator occurs because of the hose, you should immediately patch it with the helps of duct tape. A duct tape can easily hold the leak for around one week. During this period of time, you can replace the hose.

Step 2: If the leak still persists in the radiator, the next step should be to confiscate the cap of the radiator and add approximately two teaspoons of ground black-pepper. The black pepper remains into the radiator holes and swells as soon as water hits it, thus escalating to stop the leakage through the hole.

Step 3: To effectively prevent leakage in the radiator, close the radiator cap after it’s filled-up with water upto an appropriate level.

Step 4: You should always carry additional pepper and a container filled with water as there may be a necessity to pepper or water in the radiator. Ensure the radiator is brand new before removing its cap.

Step 5: Last but not the least, is to consult and meet the mechanic. It would be wise if you tell your mechanic about the temporary alternatives you have taken.

One of the best available radiators to stop the leak is Silver Seal Heavy Duty radiator that quickly helps to stop the radiator leak, lubricates complete cooling system and inhibits rust. The heavy duty silver seal radiator builds quick and permanent seals that doesn’t clog or damages the radiator. A major advantage of employing this radiator leak stopper is that, this seal mixes extremely well with lots of freeze and anti-coolant.

Tips & Warnings

It is recommended to keep additional jug or container of water while driving in order to prevent further leak in the radiator.

Egg is also a great source to prevent radiator leak and works just like pepper does.

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