Who invented the car

Have you ever wondered Who invented the car ? This is not an easy question to answer, since different resources offer different information about the car inventor. The history of the modern cars is very colorful and it begins back in the 15th century when Italian mastermind Leonardo da Vinci draw, designed and even created mock-up for various vehicles. Throughout the centuries, a huge variety of models and car types was developed: from steam powered cars, to the electric ones, then the gasoline was discovered as a fuel, and finally we got to the modern version of cars, as we know them, in the 19th century.

It is certain that two Germans are responsible for this revolutionary invention that changed the way world functions. Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, both took credit for making the first car.

Gottlieb Daimler (born in 1834.) was 10 years older than Carl Benz. They were both German and educated to be mechanical engineers. They worked (separately) on similar projects - development of engines with internal combustion that worked fuelled with liquid gasoline. Next step in that experiment was installing these engines on bicycles and carriages, and the result was very encouraging.  That’s why the inventors started to work on the design of their vehicles, preparing them for a race.

Development of these car prototypes went parallel, since both inventors worked very hard with their teams, investing time and money in improving their work, and experimenting constantly with the engine, in order to ensure its liability and safety. All this was happening practically at the same time.

Carl Benz made one cylinder engines, powered by gasoline, to start a car with three wheels, which had a tiller, used to for steering the front wheel. He was working on this prototype during the 1885. His invention was patented a year later, in 1886, and he was the first one to register and protect this patent.  This German inventor and engineer started selling cars he made in 1887.

Second German mechanical engineer and inventor, equally responsible for the invention and the creation of a car is Gottlieb Daimler. In 1885, he has invented the engine with internal combustion and also, one particularly important elements of an automobile - carburettor. He started selling his cars later than Carl Benz, but was equally successful since his cars were purchased by such people as the Sultan of Morocco (in 1889).

Other inventors from Europe and America added some innovations to prototypes of early cars. One of the most famous inventors from France is Emile Levassor, and he was the first one to put the car engine in the front (as it is today).

The year 1926, was crucial for the story about modern cars and success story of two engineers and inventors. That is the year when two German companies (led by Benz and Daimler) merged and became The Daimler-Benz Company.

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