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Yesterday I had talked about Microsoft writer and how great blogging tool it is, here is another really powerful blogging tool, named WriteToMyBlog. WriteToMyBlog is a full featured completely free, AJAX based word processor for your blog. You can use this utility to create post entries and manage your posts with the great feature to post multiple blogs simultaneously as well. WriteToMyBlog is a very easy to use program and works with all major blog programs like Blogger, Wordpress etc.

It is equipped with lots of formatting tools. You can directly copy and paste from Microsoft Word without loosing the existing formatting. Also, you can work with HTML codes, insert images and tables, manage character formatting etc.

Meanwhile, this program allows you to insert Flickr images, YouTube videos with your posts in a very easy manner. It comes with a strong multilingual Ajax based spell checker utility. So, you don’t have to use any other tool for spell checking. WriteToMyBlog produces XHTML Transitional version1.0 coding for post entries which is standard for modern browsers.

Some very useful features of WriteToMyBlog:

  • You can generate post entries with most advanced formatting tool like desktop applications and publish them directly.
  • Sophisticated text styling tool
  • Easily you can insert your Flickr photos
  • You can insert YouTube videos with your post
  • Toolbar is fully customizable and you can arrange as per your need
  • You can add tables to your posts like MS Word
  • Manage tagging in very easy way
  • It has inbuilt multilingual AJAX based spellchecker

WriteToMyBlog is quite safe program and uses strong browser encryption to keep login information of you blog. It uses “Browsers preferences” to keep these details and nothing is stored on their server.

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