Sulekha, nothing works, site is broken, can’t post ads

OK so I have spent 45 minutes trying to make a post only to realize that nothing is fully working on sulekha, the form for ad posting doesn’t work in firefox and google chrome, part of the form is not even visible in firefox and you keeps on wondering where is the submit button ? the form only works in internet explorer (may be sulekha developers are still working on IE?)

I was rejected twice by payment gateway so eventually had to pay Rs 110 through my netbanking only to realize that the ad went in wrong city!

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Shaadi vs BharatMatrimony - Which is Better ?

In one of my earlier post, I had covered some problems which I am facing with, so I went ahead and subscribed to bharatmatrimony premium service too, so now I am a paid member of both sites, have used them for over 15+ hours atleast and have spent lot of time exploring features, profiles etc.

So here is my comparison of both matrimonial websites, vs

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How to Find PG, Apartments and Shared Rooms in Bangalore

If you are coming to Bangalore first time to live here permanently (congrats for your new job btw), be ready to have a painful journey to find a Paying Guest (PG), Shared room or Apartments (1BHK, 2BHK and 3 BHK), it is not that that there is a shortage of them, it is just that you won’t be able to find exactly what you are looking for before spending lot of time going places to places.

First thing first, you have to pay “nice” 10 months advance for apartment rent which the owner of the flat will put in fixed deposit to get 7% interest rate, meaning, if you are married and looking for a 2 BHK for 10k, you have to give 1 lakh as security deposit so you don’t “run away” with the flat. If there is anything like “legal organized crime”, this is it. The person who came up with this genius idea of 10 month advance rent should be awarded some big price of economics for his work on “wealth redistribution”

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Indyarocks Spam Comments

This is not the first time this has happened when the “paid” employees and commentators of Indyarocks have made spam comments on mwolk or on the web. Here is another one of it

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Problems with and other Matrimonial sites of India

If you are a paid user of, I am sure you too must have noticed the possibilities of improvement in, I mean after spending hours and hours you can barely see any unique profiles, for some unexplained reason, keeps on showing same profiles over and over again every time you logs in, how difficult it can be to not to show the profiles which you have already seen or to have a history tab which can show the last 100 profiles which a person has seen ?

2 more things which I am not able to understand about shaadi is

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If you are a member of and looking to upgrade your profile to Premium membership, which can cost you anywhere in between Rs 1200 to Rs 5000, you have an option to save 20%-30% money by using coupon code GDPM2530

If this coupon don’t work, you can check for more working coupon codes

Reliance Netconnect Plan Change Problem

I have a reliance netconnect which I uses when I travel (and it does work well) but the problem came from last month when I was about to travel and I want to change my plan from the minimum Rs 250 (pay as you go, 1 Rs per MB) to Rs 1750 Plan (15 GB) and I was told that this will be done from next payment cycle!

What I used to do till now is, since I already have an Airtel 2 mbps unlimieted connection, I never uses netconnect when I am home hence I keeps it as the minimum Rs 250 Plan and whenever I was about to travel, two days before I used to call reliance netconnect at 022-30335555 and used to ask them to change the plan to Rs 1750 one which they used to immediately. But now the process has been changed and Rsliance only changes the plan on next payment cycle.

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State of Neurology in India

Yesterday I was thinking of state of neurology in India i.e. how far the healthcare has come in neurology which to me is always “the” area where we as humans have to explore alot. I was checking some neurology treatment offered in India and found this post which talks little about the types of surgeries and treatment India is offering and I was surprised to see CCSVI too as it is not offered in too many countries and hospitals. I am very sure that atleast 5-6 major hospitals are offering this treatment in India.

Now India just need to start giving approval of cloning and stem cell research as India has penty of scholars and skilled doctors to take it further.

Tatkal Ticket Problems

Few days back, I had made a post on Tatkal ticket booking and how it works, now here is another post on how inefficient the system is.

I am trying to reserve a Tatkal ticket for the last 4 days, each day I am trying to book the ticket through IRCTC website and the site doesn’t work from 8 am till 10 am. It is impossible to book a tatkal ticket as there are only 6 available per day for the train I am trying and it looks like they are getting taken in first 2 minutes itself.

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What to do when you miss your Train ?

Have you ever missed your Indian train ? well I have and I know it is not a good feeling because not only all your plans gets changed, you will also suffer some financial loss.

So here are few tips and suggestions on what to do to minimize the damage when you miss the train

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