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I just thought to make a list of Indian female bloggers who are writing professionally on the web. Now I haven’t seen too many indian female bloggers honestly who are blogging professionally (probably a good thing as the last thing the web need is more bloggers with adsense all over the blog:) ) but here are few which I could find -

1.Kamla Bhat – Kamla bhat probably is one of the most known female indian blogger who write and produces podcasts and takes interviews of some big shots in It industry. She has worked in various IT companies in silicon valley for over 10 years.

2. Dina Mehta – Another of regular bloggers

3. Rashmi Bansal – Rahsmi is another of regular blogger. She is editor of youth magazine JAM.

4.Ujwala - Ujwala Prabhu is an artist and photographer (this is what I got looking at her blog).

5. Anita Bora – An avid traveller and writer, She seems to be on blogosphere for a very long time, not sure why so less updates! Check her about page

6. Preeti Chaturvedi – Preeti has written a book on corporate blogging in India and has written for various magazines as well as worked with online portals like moneycontrol. Check out her about page to know more Preeti. its sad that she stopped updating her blog since 2008.

7. Kaveetaa Kaul – She seems to be one of the rate indian female blogger who writes frequently. Check her about page to know more about kaveetaa (yes, its 2 e and 2 a)

8. Annie Zaidi -

9. Mridula dwivedi -

10. Sakshi Juneja -

11. Nita -

If you are a female indian blogger, please add your blog name in comment and I will add it into the list. It should not be a commercial blog.

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  1. 1Ujwala on Aug 27, 2009 :

    Appreciate the mention. Thank you : )

  2. 2Rati on Nov 5, 2010 :

    Would like you to Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog also. :-)

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