Gaya Hotels

Gaya Hotels (Bihar)

Gaya is considered as one of the major pilgrim centers since this holy place was constructed on the footsteps of Lord Vishnu. Gaya, hosts more than thousand devotees every year since people visit to seek wisdom and peace. The place has mix residents of Buddhist and Hindu religion. Gaya, Bihar is close to the place Bodhgaya which is best known for Gautam Buddha who spent his entire life there till his death.

Accommodation in Gaya:

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Online Part time Jobs in India

if you are looking for online part time jobs in India, you may be for rude awakening, there are not too many options available for you.But still you can make decent money through some option. Here are few ways you can earn part time income online in India

1. Start working as freelancer – This is the most easies and genuine way of finding online part time work. I had put a list of freelance sites which probably contains all the sites on the web offering part time work from home. Go and register in them and read the rules and how the site works, you probably won’t be making instant money but if you stay persistent, you should start doing well.

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NIFT 2009 Results

NIFT 2009 Results

IIT JEE 2009 Counselling

So now IIT JEE 2009 results are out, here is the information of IIT JEE counseling dates as per JEE

Medical Examination and Counseling for Qualified students - June 9 -11 , 2009

Counseling Dates (the colleges will be announced later)

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Result of IIT JEE 2009

result of IIT JEE 2009 is out.

So you can check your IIT JEE 2009 results here

Send free SMS anywhere in India

if you are looking to send free SMS anywhere in india, here are 5 such services which you can use -

1. way2sms – way2sms is one of the highly popular service in India, often used and promoted by orkut people. Just like other services, it also depends on the sms/email gateways of mobile service provides which means it wont’ deliver the sms to everywhere but it works well. Expect some spam sms’es too from them. Using way2sms, you can also send the sms through email allso.

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India need a Service like Paypal

A long time back during baazee days, India had a service called paisapay which was an alternative of paypal and since the acquisition of bazee by ebay and paisapay being reduced to ebay india only,I have always felt that India seriously needs a paypal like service where people can easily pay money to someone through an online account without the hassle of going through all these Bank NEFT process and filling 3 different passwords. etc.

One of the main reason why we need a service like paypal in India is because this will speedup the ecommerce industry in India which gets hurt seriously with heavy transaction fees of payment gateways. In ecommerce industry where the margins are wafer thin of 2 to 5%, and if you pay payment gateway fees of 3 to 5%, it leaves nothing to the ecommerce site.

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Make money by Reading SMS fraud in India

India with its 8 Crore net users (5 crore regular) is becoming a hub of net fraud.specially in make money online business. One of the way people are doing this online fraud is offering money for reading SMS, and the trick is, you have to pay Rs 200 registration fees!

One of the example of such company is S M S (remove the space in SMS as I can’t give them live link, the last time when I had done this, the website people abused me alot through comments and called me as a fraud for calling them fraud :D)

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So who was Fake IPL Player ?

so Kolkata Knight Riders exited from IPL 2 and along with that, Fake IPL Player also exited, Unfortunately as promised, he did not revealed his identity, but he has posted a video (and that too in a very filmy style!) here. Watch the video and read the comment, it can be fun.

Now lot of people says it is Akash Chopra but I don’t think it is any of the player. No one can pull such trick. Also another thing for sure, more then one person (may be many) are involved in this fake IPL player saga. It looks to be either marketing pulloff from some IPL insider and it surely succeeded.

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Indian Female bloggers

I just thought to make a list of Indian female bloggers who are writing professionally on the web. Now I haven’t seen too many indian female bloggers honestly who are blogging professionally (probably a good thing as the last thing the web need is more bloggers with adsense all over the blog:) ) but here are few which I could find -

1.Kamla Bhat – Kamla bhat probably is one of the most known female indian blogger who write and produces podcasts and takes interviews of some big shots in It industry. She has worked in various IT companies in silicon valley for over 10 years.

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