Shaadi vs BharatMatrimony - Which is Better ?

In one of my earlier post, I had covered some problems which I am facing with, so I went ahead and subscribed to bharatmatrimony premium service too, so now I am a paid member of both sites, have used them for over 15+ hours atleast and have spent lot of time exploring features, profiles etc.

So here is my comparison of both matrimonial websites, vs

1. BH certainly has way more number of profiles then, I searched for girls earning 10 lakh+ :) and there were some 100 profiles in where as bharatmatrimony showed 481. Needless to say, 25% of the profiles on both sites were bogus (the girl or her parent probably put the wrong figure as primary teachers in India do not make 30 lakh per year!)

This was little surprising as I used to think shaadi is bigger then BharatMatrimony but it is not, you can check this by searching both sites with similar parameters.

2. BharatMatrimony has the feature of both, Block and Ignore, something which shaadi lacks.

3. BH has one excellent feature which is lacked by shaadi (I am not sure why can’t have this too?) which is to not show the profiles which are already been viewed. The more time you spend on shaadi, the more profiles you see, the more irritating it gets to see the same profiles over and over again. I have been rejected by a huge number of profiles (sad but true), most of them have probably put me on ignored list too, then why I am shown the same profiles over and over again ?

4. Number of active profiles - it is difficult ot gauge which has more number of active profiles, shaadi only shows “more than 2 weeks ago” and Bharatmatrimony shows as “3 months ago”, while search I did found lot of profiles on both sites which haven’t logged in for weeks and months.

5. In my last post, I had covered this too that shaadi only shows 10 profiles per page which makes it really irritating to click on next every minute, BH has a grid mode which shows 50 profiles in one page, which is a great option if you just want to go through the profiles really fast. I am surprised why shaadi doesn’t have such basic feature ?

6. I used to think that BH is more popular then shaadi in south india, and in North, shaadi is more popular but I can certainly see a huge number of north Indians too in BH, infact like I said above in #1, I am very sure that the number of north Indian profiles are more in BH (I could be wrong though).

So this may look like a heavily biased post towards bharatmatrimony but this is what I feels. Though I do give some points to shaadi as I like their user interfact better but that’s it.

Please note that I am in no way associated with any of the site, specially bharatmatrimony, I am just a poor guy who has paid both the sites Rs 3000+ each, only to get rejected by almost all the girls (or should I say by their parents!) :)

Do post in comments about what you think.

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4 Responses to “Shaadi vs BharatMatrimony - Which is Better ?”

  1. 1Nair on Jun 18, 2010 :

    Any aspect, any day I shall vouch for Bharat Matrimony as the Better Site

  2. 2ND on Aug 13, 2010 :

    Nice post dude. Very Candid.

  3. 3prakash on Nov 18, 2010 :

    honestly man, they’re both the same to me, no difference to me except they only differ in user friendliness which is different for everybody. I personally prefer BM for user friendliness but I wouldn’t register because I can’t afford extra costs in my life. So saying that, I would rather go for :)

  4. 4anon on Jan 4, 2011 :

    I agree, BM has more profiles. But it’s really bad. Here’s why I think I so… search results are reliable. I had more visitors on shaadi compared to BM. The ratio was as bad as 1000:5 for an exactly same write-up.

    And if you ever pay BM, pay cash. Don’t give your bank account info to BM. They will set you up for automatic membership renewal(without asking you for it) and pull money from your bank account. Plus they will hold up contacts trying to reach you until you pay them. They want to extract money from both parties.

    Shaadi has an excellent customer service, BM is terrible!

    Even an unpaid member can lock photos on shaadi, and BM asks money for it.

    I get regular junk emails from BM coz the filters don’t work.

    The only reason i am still on BM (unpaid) is because some people still think BM is nice. May be these are the people who were lucky to find their soulmate on BM even before they knew about (my guess).And I just dont want to miss out on my special someone …anywhere!

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