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So lot of people were asking me what are the TOP NIT engineering colleges of India so I thought of making a list of all top nits. This list ofcourse is mine and based on my experience of being an engineer and interaction with other engineering students so some of you may not agree to it still if you don’t agree, feel free to comment below to tell me what you don’t like and which NITs should be where.

I am dividing these National Institute of technologies colleges into blocks where the top blocks are considered to be best and so on.

1. NIT Trichy – NIT trichy along with warangal to me is the best NIT in India. It gets the toppers of states and AIEEE to it and has good reputation among campus - companies
2. NIT Warangal – I have personally visited the college many times and knows the college continuously ranks well in various rankings.
3. NIT Surathkal - Suratkal is another top NIT of India.

4. NIT Calicut – Calicut is at par with NIT Surathkal and constitutes India’s Top 4 National institute of technologies. It has good campus selection just like the other three.
5. MNIT Allahabad – MNIT Allahabad is very old and reputed engineering college which ranks well among various

So these were the top 5 NITs, here are the rest of the NITs in blocks, each block showing set of NITs.

6. NIT Kurukshetra – Kurukshetra has good reputation and is often considered by north Indian students as there preferred choice in NIT.
7. NIT Surat – West India’s top NIT and certainly Gujarat’s best college.along with DAIICT.
8. NIT Durgapur – Another very old NIT and preferred choice of students from east India.

9. NIT Jaipur - Rajasthan’s best college
10. NIT Rourkela – Orissa’s best college
11. NIT Nagpur -  Maharashtra’s best NIT and a reputed college in west India

12. NIT Bhopal – MP’s best college
13. NIT Hamirpur
14. NIT Raipur
15. NIT Jamshedpur

16. NIT Jalandhar
17. NIT Patna
18. NIT Srinagar
19. NIT Agartala (previous NIT tripura)

This is my list and I have certainly finished my engineering few years back so skeptics can say that I am out of touch but if you don’t agree with the list then tell me why not in the comments.

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60 Responses to “Top NIT of India”

  1. 1Abhishek on May 21, 2009 :

    I think you have hit nail on the head and have got almost all correct ranking of nits of India, though NIT jalandhar may rank better

  2. 2adarsh sharma on May 21, 2009 :

    Thanks I was looking for the similar list to know which NIT to chose in AIEEE, my expected rank will be around 10k to 12k this year. Also I think NIT Calicut is better then NIT surathkal

  3. 3anurag. on May 22, 2009 :

    all rankings are almost good n same as given by Times Outlook, n TOI.Congrats!
    But Nit-jaipur should rank better than Nit-kkr and then Nit-Hamirpur.!

  4. 4sarang on May 26, 2009 :

    i m expecting 230-240 marks in aieee…
    plz suggest me where can i get admission with core branch especially in north india region…………..
    waiting for reply

  5. 5Nitin on May 30, 2009 :

    I feel that NIT Jaipur and Bhopal should be placed just below NIT Allahabad, while NIT jalandhar should come above NIT Jamshedpur & Raipur.

  6. 6Joseph Rohan Thomas on Jun 2, 2009 :

    I got All India rank 3788 in aieee and state rank 75(kerala)
    will I get core branch in NIT Trichy ,Warangal and Suratkal

  7. 7SUNNY on Jun 6, 2009 :


  8. 8ilu on Jun 6, 2009 :

    what is the scope of metallurgy and civil engineering for girls?

  9. 9manabendra on Jun 9, 2009 :

    i am personally not a great believer in about departmental rankings?eg. how can some arbitrary person decide which NIT ranks better than whom…its completely meaningless actually.let me tell you facts..NIT silchar has recorded 300% placement last year(highest package 12lakhs,avg 5.5lakh,you can call the placement office!) with large numbers of PSUs visting too…this time despite the recession,its 250% placement for the passouts.But you (wit your infinits wisdom ) didn’t even find it fit to enlist it. i personally am an NIT ian and this types of narrow vision in selecting colleges may lead to frustration in future. NO NIT IS PERFECT. like cse dept in NIT silchar in hopeless department despite the placement is good.HOWever civil engineering and mech are considered one of the best departments in INDIA you know most IIT guwahati professors of civil engineering are past professors of civil engineering.ITs something like you know that chemical in NIT JAIPUR has excellent placements.however how many students would pot for it in the first place?my advisce-don’t be narrow in ur outlook…good students do good everywhre…even if it is the newest NIT.i ave friends in all the NITs (almost).evryone of them has good or bad aspects…you will find the groupism and hooliganism in NIT BHOPAL frustrating but it has nice placemnts. the regional chauvinism in NIT JALANDHAR is famous …if ur not a local,ur a second class citizen…the open feud between the gujjars and meenas in NIT jaipur campus is NIT folklore now…so test ur waters carefully…don;t listen to hacks…if you are good enough to be in the top 1% in AIEEE, yo0u dnt nid anyone’s advice…goodluck!

  10. 10manabendra on Jun 9, 2009 :

    i meant iit guwahati civil engineering professors are ex NIT silchar professors

  11. 11admin on Jun 9, 2009 :

    ilu - I don’t think metallurgy is any good for girls.

    Thanks for comments banabendra, appreciate your thoughts.

  12. 12manabendra on Jun 10, 2009 :

    thank you…yesterday one more fact came to my notice.IT / cse in NIT JAIPUR is of no good.only 10 faculty for two branches and only one professor among them..! But chemical in nit jaipur has stupendous placements.job in any NIT is not a concern.all of them have almost the same placements.its about having a fruitful academic life.and that differs wildly from branches to branches among all NITs. CSE in NIT nAGPUR is really good with high academic output .
    now, say there is guy X who is really interested in CSE , then how does any such “ranking help him”.because as far the list goes.NIT jaipur is one of the better “ranked ” NITs .however cse is no good there.most students have no choices per se except a vague view of which branch is cool and which is its much better if he goes for mechanical there.right?

    that’s true for all NITs.however a seat in any NIT in ANY branch is worth its weight in can go for it blindly.
    read this:

  13. 13saumya on Jun 10, 2009 :

    best engineering collage is jaipur nit.

  14. 14hanuman prajapat on Jun 10, 2009 :

    I think that the best nit of india according to placement is NIT Warangal.
    I have this thinkig also that no NIT is perfect but hard working makes a man perfect.

  15. 15manabendra on Jun 11, 2009 :

    thanks hanuman.i appreciate. but then again how much do we know about all NITs that we should decide which NIT is best and what.there are no hard facts,no centralised database.leave all these..NITs rock!.juniors should know that.dnt be duped by anyone….opt for any NIT you get without a thought

  16. 16Shreedhar on Jun 13, 2009 :

    can igive an 2nd attempt for iitjee while studying in nit?

  17. 17manabendra on Jun 14, 2009 :

    YES DEFINITELY YOU CAN…BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU ONCE YOU GO TO AN nit you wnt be disappointed and you will definitely fall in love with the place,freiens and the culture…so much so that you will never wnt to come back…diect all your doubts and queries to my blog.what’s ur rank?

  18. 18akash deep on Jun 18, 2009 :

    i m akash,& i have got air rank 125754 overall & 4838 in sc catogry.can i place in following nits: warangal,kurukshetra nit , surat,jaipur ,hamirpur,jalandher,jamshedpur

  19. 19iengineer on Jun 18, 2009 :

    its better if you can find out from the ccb has all the statistics rather than asking anyone else.

    read this for any more specific info or doubt.good luck

  20. 20Usercyberkamal on Jun 18, 2009 :

    I would like to confirm from manabendra about 250% placement in NIT Silchar(i myself belong to silchar) during a period where IIT’s did’nt have 100% placement and even in com-sci in MNNIT Allahabad, a few students did’nt get placed.
    But i would strongly agree with manabendra on the fact that NIT Silchar should have been in the list and above NIT Agartala.

  21. 21manabendra on Jun 20, 2009 :

    yes kamal,it is.dont forget the fact the most IITS have a “techical jobs only”policy .so it makes it difficult during recession.also its 200% till now.more companies are cming in even now and the placement team expects it to go up a little further.this year also our highest package has breached the 10L mark.being an oil and mineral rich part of country,all PSUs recruit heavily from NIT silchar.and most other NITs are also doing equally well in placements.though the packages have gone down and some unfortunate incidents like regret letter from 1-2 companies have also occured .but its not as bad as we had expected.

    and my fren CSE is having a hard time our campus also,mech and civil are ruling the placement scene.foloowed by ece,electrical.MNNIT not being able to place all students in CSE is no surprise that’s why

    also around 10 students are rendered ineligible each year due to various factors(lots of backs,extremely low CPI,disciplinary action etc etc).so hey are never counted in the final stats.its true for placement teams of all NITs

    being in a remote part of the country,people have alot of misconceptions .its no one’s fault though.But our alumni network is very strong and placements are going up every year.specially true of core branches here.

    read my blog post for more details

  22. 22sohil jain on Jun 23, 2009 :

    tell me /

    cse is good branch or not????

    also ranking of branch in nits ???????????
    in nit raipur also

  23. 23sohil jain on Jun 23, 2009 :

    i got 18654 rank in nit ……….

    i want to take nit raipur as my home place ….//////////?????????

    which branch is good to take??????????

  24. 24sohil jain on Jun 23, 2009 :

    or i can join eml ranking college in iit???????????

  25. 25mohd wasil on Jun 27, 2009 :

    which NIT is better for mechanical engineering,nit bhopal or jaipur

  26. 26AMIT KUMAR on Aug 17, 2009 :

    whats about CHE bra in NITD

  27. 27AMIT KUMAR on Aug 17, 2009 :


  28. 28ANIL GAIHRE on Dec 28, 2009 :


  29. 29ANIL GAIHRE on Dec 28, 2009 :


  30. 30rajarshi on Feb 23, 2010 :

    nit durgapur should b placed in #6, just after allahabad

    it has the best metallurgy in the country(including IITs) and top 6-7 mechanical as well as a top 10 electrical. civil n chemical too fit in the top 13-15 in all of india

    but cse, ece, it n biotech r totally hopeless

  31. 31Sudhanshu Mishra on Feb 25, 2010 :

    hey iam done with my +2 , iam from nepal and can apply in the DASA scheme , which NIT would be better for mechanical engineering , placement wise and education wise and the climate of the area , plus , which branch do you think is suitable if you would later like to do MBA in the US , hoping for your reply .

  32. 32Ahmad on Mar 16, 2010 :

    hey…. i wonder y u have placed NIT SRINAGAR … so low.. i am student of 3rd yr, civil engineering.. i dont think there is scarcity of any thing at all…. gud placements, very gud standard of teaching … wat else do u need.. ???? wat do u say?

  33. 33abhishek on Apr 17, 2010 :

    wat will b my rank as i got 95 marks in IIT-JEE ..? PLZ RPY ME ON MY MAIL..!

  34. 34ruchi on May 30, 2010 :

    M getting an air of 37,000 and 3000 state(delhi) in aieee….which nit can i get??

  35. 35ruchi on May 30, 2010 :

    M getting an air of 37,000 and 3000 state(delhi) in aieee….which nit can i get??

  36. 36Aleyamma on May 31, 2010 :

    i got 12000 AIR & state 279. state code 18. where can i get for ME or EC. GEN category.

  37. 37asim on Jun 1, 2010 :

    well. i am from nit srinagar and dont understand why it has been kept at the bottom… not considering histles and wistles i think it is a good institute… the only thing is that it is not in the interest of indian govt. authorities ..MHRD in particular….

  38. 38Lokesh on Jun 1, 2010 :

    Hi i m lokesh and i want to take civil branch and my air 15984 and stat rank 957 (mp). So kya mujhe nit bhopal nagpur ya raipur mil sakta hai kya?
    Pls reply i m waiting

  39. 39naveen on Jun 2, 2010 :

    in barch what is the best college i got 14000 air cat sc 740 in state 4100 cat sc 205

  40. 40deepak kumar on Jun 11, 2010 :

    my AI rank IS 20840 . i want to take civil engg. in nit . which nit will be best for me

  41. 41mohammad farhan on Jun 11, 2010 :

    my aieee no. is 74 and rank is 143624.will i get nit raipur

  42. 42esha on Jun 11, 2010 :

    i totally agree with manabendra.
    i too am a nit passout having friends in almost all nits as well as iits.
    like nit jaipur has gud chemical enng dept
    nit nagpur has superb comp sci and metallurgy dept( met dept being better than that at some iits)
    nit warangal - mech,civil,trical(mech dept beating most of d iits)
    nit trichy- mech,trical
    nit surathkal- trical,ece

    bt hw does placements are d criterition for ranking colleges.
    does money score over quality education?
    i think learning is more important than earning.

  43. 43esha on Jun 12, 2010 :

    civil is gud in warangal,kurukshetra and silchar

  44. 44shweta on Jun 21, 2010 :

    i got air 45,000 in aieee…….which gud college can i get?????????

  45. 45Rajarshi on Jun 21, 2010 :

    I don’t believe in ranking NITs without having proper information about them.
    Also, these overall rankings are useless to everyone, as they consider all streams.
    Any prospective student should first decide which stream he/she wants to pursue and then find out which NIT is good for that.

    Personally, I found this set of streamwise rankings very useful

  46. 46harsh on Jun 21, 2010 :

    wt abt nit it good to take admin in d core branches of air is21240 in 2010 aieee.waiting for reply.

  47. 47Shashank Thakkar on Jun 23, 2010 :

    actual ranking of NITs is as follows according to Outlook India:

    1.NIT Trichy
    2.NIT Warangal
    3.NIT Surathkal
    4.MNNIT Allahabad
    5.VNIT Nagpur

  48. 48punj on Jul 10, 2010 :

    MNNIT is better to NITK’s IC, acedemic and placement n NITW’s acedemic and placement , MANIT n MNIT are quiet good to indian standards.

  49. 49shivam mishra on Jul 19, 2010 :

    hey m a student of MNNIT ALLAHABAD…n jst wantd 2tl it nt MNIT ALLAHABAD…Its MNNIT ALLAHABAD…

  50. 50shivam mishra on Jul 19, 2010 :

    nit suratkal tops all nits currently…

  51. 51ANISH on Jul 27, 2010 :


  52. 52esha on Aug 21, 2010 :

    patna is nt good

  53. 53esha on Aug 21, 2010 :

    placement is gud in nit of metro cities

  54. 54KARTHIK on Sep 6, 2010 :


  55. 55KARTHIK on Sep 6, 2010 :

    placement is excellent in nit rourkela

  56. 56apu on Sep 12, 2010 :

    wat do y think abt metallrgy in nitd????

  57. 57apu on Sep 12, 2010 :

    actlly i hv chgnd my brnch frm it in nitd to metllrgy… did i do ny thin wrng???

  58. 58SRK on Oct 1, 2010 :

    I would like to say that NIT Surathkal is the best NIT according to placements and cultural activities..

  59. 59Jaipal on Oct 22, 2010 :

    how is NIT -hamirpur ?

  60. 60Ramesh on Jun 24, 2011 :

    How is civil of NIT Warangal? Is it alright to pursue civil of NITW over cse of MNNIT, Allahabad?? I’m confused ! Howz mech of NIT Kurukshtra compared over these colleges mentioned? Plz reply !

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