Which AC to Buy ? Review of Air Conditioners in India

Are you planning to buy an Air Conditioner in India ? are you tired of using your old fashioned desert coolers and feels the time time has come for you to upgrade to Air conditioners ? with booming middle class, the demand of air conditioners in India has increased exponentially.

I just bought my air conditioner few weeks back (more about it later in the post) and while searching, I didn’t got too much information available on the web so I felt to make a perfect Which AC to buy post which everyone can use it as a reference post before they purchase an AC in India.

I am putting this post in FAQ format to help you guys better

Which Air Conditioner Should I buy ?

This is too broad of a question, first you need to decide what is your budget and what kind of air conditioner you need. There are 2 kind of air conditioners available in India, Window and Split

What is the difference between Window AC and Split AC ?

As the name suggest, windows AC can only be put in windows, if you have seen in hotel rooms, they all have window Air conditioners (hotels keep them because they are cheap). They have both, the compressors and exhaust at same place.

Split AC have the compressor where the AC is and has the exhaust (also called outer unit) installled at some other place. Split AC are meant to be for rooms where there are no windows. They are mostly installed in offices and are mounted on walls (they do have to make a hole in it sometimes so be careful before buying them). Split AC cost 25% more than windows ACs an can cost you addition Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 in wiring and fitting.

Here is a tip and warning, before buying a split AC, ask the dealer how much copper wire with insulation he will be giving ? the wire costs Rs 150 per feet and can cost you fortune if you don’t get it for free. For example, I don’t think voltas give the copper wire with its split Air conditioners, so if your outer unit is 20 feets away from your main unit, you have to Pay Rs 3000 only to get the wire! That is why I had purchased Haier Air conditioner over voltas as they were giving 15 feet wire for free as well as all other things (I do have to pay for 7 feet additional wire though)

Lot of people say that Haier is not a good company because it is Chinese but since it is 20 Billion dollar company, you can safely assume that their products are world class. Though in Air conditioners, Hitachi AC are the best but they cost alot and my budget was about Rs 22,000.

What is the difference between 1 Ton AC and 1.5 Ton AC ?

Well, 1 Ton AC weighs 1 Ton and 1.5 Ton AC weighs 1.5 Ton :)

Seriously speaking, 1 Ton AC are not meant for rooms which are bigger than 100 sq ft, infact they are only for small cubicles and office rooms. Anythnig more then that, and you have to go for 1.5 Ton AC as 1 Ton AC will find it very difficult to cool bigger rooms and will take lot of time and power to do it which you don’t want! Also 1.5 ton AC have better resale value as compared to 1 Ton AC as most of the ppl want to buy second hand 1.5 Ton AC only.

Which is better for me ? 1 Ton or 1.5 Ton AC ?

Like I said before, if you have a bigger room, you have to go with 1.5 ton only

What is Star rating and which star rating should I go for ?

Star rating is given to electronic applicances on how much power they consumer, the higher the star rating, the less power it consumers meaning less electricity bill for you buy here is the catch, higher star rating AC costs more, say 3-4 thousand rupees and people say (I can’t confirm this) that their performance is not good meaning in trying to get 5 star (five star) and 4 star (four star) ratings, companies reduced the performance of their ACs so they consumer less power but this also means cooling will take more time! Personally i don’t think star rating makes much difference for Air Conditioners, so go with any AC.

How Much an Air Conditioner will cost me ?

My Split Haier AC 1.5 Ton costed me 22,000 + installation costed me 3000. So overall it costed me Rs 25,000. Ideally installation should not cost this much but in my case, I went with the best wiring and socket (all of anchor) as I don’t want to save few hundred rupees in wires which may cause short circuit. Air Conditioners are always connected through direct Meter line (main line) and hence always use the best wires or else it may burn it in voltage fluctuation.

Almost all Split 1.5 Ton of Voltas, haier, Kelvinator costs around 22k to 25k and I don’t think difference of 1-2 thousand should matter much when you are already spending 25k. As I had said earlier, try to get that AC which comes with all the installation wiring as those ACs which are costing you less most likely are not having them.

Windows AC normally cost 17k to 18k (about Rs 5000 less). They also do not cost that much of wiring and installation.

There are other high end ACs to of Carrier and Hitachi which costs in the range of 30k-35k but it was way out of my budget as it will be for more of the people.

More Tips to buy a Great AC (air conditioner) in India

1. Many times, ACs do not start the first time due to faulty installation or some part problem, infact I can bet that each AC shop will have couple such pieces which get retuned after installation because something didnt’ work. Be very careful and make sure that you are not getting such piece. Take someone with you while purchasing who understand such things as it is not difficult to identify such models.

2. I will also advice you to pay to the shop from where you had purchased your AC an post dated check, say of 4-5 days. This will help you to check everything before money gets taken from your pocket. This will also keep the seller under pressure to fix everything it it don’t work or replace the model.

3. Normally the AC installation costs around Rs 800 to Rs 1500 depending on which city you are in in, I will highly advice you to first find that guy and ask how much it will cost you and take him to purchase the AC too if possible, believe me, it will be totally worth it.

If you still have some questions to ask about buying air conditioners, feel free to ask in comments.

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5 Responses to “Which AC to Buy ? Review of Air Conditioners in India”

  1. 1mk on May 13, 2010 :

    dear mr.x,
    i was looking up the internet for tips to buy an a.c. and did not find any one giving great tips but you.thanks a ton for the advice. you have kept in mind all that goes into buying an a.c. for a middle class family regarding the rates. i do want to ask you if a split a.c. is recommended over the window one? does the window a.c. not cool a bigger room like the split a.c.? my budget is 20,000. i would like to buy a window a.c. if it does not make much difference in cooling and the power bills. please reply asap, as i plan to buy an a.c. in a few days.

  2. 2admin on May 13, 2010 :

    Hi MK, do u have window where u can keep window AC ? if u have, then go with window AC as they are perfectly fine, if you don’t have any window, you have to go for Split AC only. For 20k, u can get a decent window AC. both are fine in cooling, go with 1.5 Ton AC and make it fast, half of the summer is already gone.

  3. 3Singh on Jul 8, 2010 :

    Thank you so much .Just want to ask I m looking forward to .75 ton Haier ac .The room size is 10×12.Will it be fine?

  4. 4Siddharth on May 11, 2011 :

    No way
    go for 1 ton a/c at least.
    0.75 ton is not at all ok.

  5. 5Heidi on Jul 8, 2011 :

    Please keep thrwnoig these posts up they help tons.

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